manual pocket-size shredder lets you shred on-the-go

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these days, identity thefts are way too common. while many identity thefts are mainly due to digital leaks, we shouldn’t take chances with our hardcopy documents too. documents such as checks (void one, of course) shouldn’t be thrown into the trash as-is, they should be shredded to avoid being tampered with. that said, not all can afford one of those pricey powered shredder but don’t need to feel dejected, just grab of one these Hand Paper Shredder and you can be shred-happy anytime, anywhere.
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pretty neat solution. of course, you can shred more than just checks – as long the paper fits in the 6-inch Hand Paper Shredder. can’t fit? you can always fold in thirds. now you can shred those flirtatious secret notes that you exchanged with your sexy office secretary, and need not worry about those notes straying to your spouse. arghhh… peace of mind. cool.

PS: the above is just an illustration. we encourage using the Hand Paper Shredder in a legit way, though.

Hand Paper Shredder img1 544px
(image credit: ThinkGeek)


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