McFarlane Toys Now Also Sells Digital Collectibles

Ready to take your toy collections into the digital world? Never mind that you are not ready because McFarlane Toys are doing it anyways. Announced last October and officially launched on December 01, 2022, is the McFarlane Digital Collectibles aka NFTs.

McFarlane Toys Now Also Sells Digital Collectibles

The Todd McFarlane-founded toy company has released its first-ever digital collection featuring McFarlane Toys’ characters like Spawn, The Redeemer, and The Clown. Obviously, NFT collectibles are nothing new. But what’s new is how McFarlane is pulling it off.

Starting on December 01, 2022, all drops will be available first on, as physical and digital products, or on McFarlaneToys.Digital as digital-only releases. The former is what makes this NFT effort different because you’d get the best of both worlds. Well, that’s if digital has any “best” to offer.

Anyhoo, the digital storefront was built by the Rarible Protocol and released on Polygon. This means the digital collectibles can be held in any Polygon-supported digital wallet.

Moving forward, the digital assets will be released across the McFarlane Toys portfolio concurrently with their physical counterparts, bundled with physical, or digital-only releases.  So you have the choice of collecting digital with a physical release.

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However, important pieces from McFarlane Toys’ 30-year history will be released in digital-only format.

The digital collectibles can be viewed on dedicated software on a PC. Collectors can create and share their collections and every time a collector uses the app, they will earn experience points which can be used to redeem for exclusive rewards, rare collectibles, and access to future drops.

Like real-life toys, digital collectibles can be sold and traded.

I don’t know man. I am not sure how this will take off. I mean, collecting non-tangible stuff is a bit like collecting dreams. You only see when you dream. It is akin to like not having access to computers or worst, in an outage. You can still see your toys when the power is out but you can see and admire your digital collectibles if there’s no power. It is not tangible. Digital collectibles/NFTs are borderline unreal, if you ask me.

You may learn more about McFarlane Toys Digital Collectibles HERE.

Images: McFarlane Toys.