If you are torn between getting a pair of in-ear true wireless sound earbuds or Apple AirPods-style semi-in-ear earbuds, you may want to know that there exists a product that will let you have the best of both worlds. Folks meet the MCHOSE BH288 TWS.

MCHOSE BH288 TWS 2-in-1 TWS Earbuds

MCHOSE BH288 [CH] is one-of-a-kind TWS earbuds that have not one but two pairs of TWS in them. Or to be more precise, the roundish charging case is actually made up of two separate charging magnetically attached to one another to form a single unit.

There is the black side with a pair of black in-ear earbuds while the white side has a pair of white semi-in-ear earbuds. You can choose to bring both or either set. Each earbud packs a 35 mAh battery good for up to 5 hours of playback while the charging case, or more correctly, charging cases, offer 2x 370 mAh for up to a whopping 48 hours of playback.

MCHOSE BH288 TWS 2-in-1 TWS Earbuds

No spec was offered for the drivers but we do know that it has the latest Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, has touch controls on the earbuds, and each pair of earbuds can be paired with two separate devices simultaneously. The unique TWS combo set was introduced last December and priced at 499 yuan (about US$76).

If anyone’s interested, you can find it being sold on Aliexpress for about US$45+. Some retailers on the Chinese e-commerce site, Taobao, are selling it for as low as 278 RMB (around US$40-ish).

MCHOSE BH288 TWS 2-in-1 TWS Earbuds

Images: MCHOSE.

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