meet the Wheatley the adorable robot from Portal 2 [video]

TRP-Chan Wheatley the Robot Eye 544x411px
(image credit: TRP-Chan)

the adorable robot that guides gamer around in the game Portal 2 has made it into our real life, thanks to one puppeteer and cosplay enthusiast, TRP-Chan. when i first stumbled across his work of art, i was totally awed and awed i should be because TRP-Chan’s Wheatley is not a just any robot puppet but beneath its cute and detailed chassis is a conjuration of sophisticated circuitry and robotic engineering which results in a Wheatley that rivals the animated counterpart (or should i say, equally animated). i thought the guts were so complicated that i didn’t bother to detail here or more likely, its complexity is beyond my simplistic mind. so how real is this robot? check out the video after the jump and judge for yourself or click here for Wheatley’s build details.
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TRP-Chan Wheatley the Robot Eye 544x428px

TRP-Chan Wheatley the Robot Eye 544x608px

TRP-Chan Wheatley the Robot Eye 544x778px

Furin Cosplay via DVICE

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