If you are a huge fan of the classic Volkswagen Beetle, chances are you have heard of German-based Memminger. If you haven’t, I bet you will, starting with the Memminger Beetle Roadster 2.7 because, this thing is a definition of beauty. Now, I am not a huge fan of air-cooled Beetle. I never thought it was a cool car. A Rabbit is a cool car, not the Beetle. Guess I just have a thing for straight lines. But, but… this Memminger Beetle Roadster 2.7 here changes everything.

Memminger Beetle Roadster 2.7

It is nothing like the clunky, cartoonish classic VW you have seen. This thing here is sleek. It is low slung, wide stance and all – the trades that never and will never be associated with a Classic Beetle. But how does it not looked like its classic counterparts? Because, it was designed and built by Memminger; not a restore. What you see here is a chopped top Beetle that is driven by an air-cooled 2.7L 4-pot boxer engine (AKA flat four) that kicks out a healthy 210 horsepower and 247 Nm (182.2 lb-ft) of torque, put to good use at the rear wheels via a five-speed gearbox.

Memminger Beetle Roadster 2.7

The bodywork features a welded tubular steel frame wrapped in a custom bodywork that resembles the classic car but flatter and significantly more sporty and less cartoonish. Being a roadster, it is now a two-seater, complete with racing seats, dual humpback (that serves as rollover bars), and a minimalist red accented black interior with the necessary gauges. Oh, we heard what lurks behind the lightweight 18-inch alloy wheels are disc brakes pulled from a Porsche 911.

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Before you get too excited about this car, you have to know that it exists as a concept, but the silver lining here is, Memminger does consider putting it into production. However, if it ever does that, there will be no more than 20 examples to go around. Pricing indication was not offered, but I won’t be surprise that this thing is collector-priced. If you know what I mean.

Memminger Beetle Roadster 2.7

Images: Memminger.

via Uncrate.

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