Meshmedium MA-1 iPad Sleeves

Meshmedium MA-1 iPad Sleeves
Meshmedium MA-1 iPad Sleeves | US$49.95 |

you don’t need to lug around a repurposed ammo box to have the military-look. there are other factors (in a product) that qualify a product as ‘military-look’ and that includes, the use of staple colors such as olive or sage green, navy blue and jet black, heavy duty nylon material, and neoprene material, plus an appropriate injection of utility pocket completes with heavy duty zipper – all of which the Meshmedium MA-1 iPad Sleeves possesses (it is inspired by the classic MA-1 Bomber Flight Jacket, btw). so for all intents and purposes, the MA-1 is the military-look tough sleeve made for your iPad (even with the smart cover) and it features an exterior crafted from heavy duty nylon flight satin outer shell, neoprene padded for added protection, an international orange inner shell topped with 3M reflective inner trim, a utility/pen outer pocket, YKK heavy duty zipper, and comes in a choice of three military-inspired colors: jet black, sage green, and navy blue. basically, the MA-1 have every features to qualify it as ‘cool’ and even its model name is military-cool too. don’t you think so? you can get yours for a little under $50 a pop from Meshmedium. click through for a few more look.

Meshmedium via Cool Material

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