we wouldn’t the say the MessagePetz WiFi-enabled Teddy Bear is the best way to communicate with your kids, but it is suffice to say that it will at least keep your “minimally” child and you connected while you are away, minus the annoyance and ‘danger’ of social networks. what this teddy will do is to allow you to send messages to your kid, and the messages will be displayed on an LCD display integrated into the cushy little plush toy. you will be able to send messages to your kid, who is probably too young to handle a mobile phone, via a free MessagePetz app. upon receipt of the message, a LED heart on the bear will light up, notifying your child a message has been received. your young one can then reciprocate by hugging the teddy which will automatically send a pre-programmed reply such as “Peter loves you!”, for example, to your smartphone.

like we said, it is may not be the best way of communication, but it is the best option if your child is too young to own a mobile phone or type anything at all, and on top of that, we can’t think of any kids who don’t like a plush toy. and when said “kids”, we meant really young child. of course, that’s until they start to take notice of Transformers, Nerf Toys, or Dora. the MessagePetz WiFi-enabled Teddy Bear is currently a Kickstarter campaign seeking to raise 45 grand to fund the development. you can show your support by making a pledge of $89 or more. but do note that the estimated delivery date varies according to which pledge level you go for. scroll down for a few more look and while you are there, do check out a Kickstarter video further down.

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