Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano on Big Island erupted on May 3. The molten lava spewed out of this mountain with a mouth left a wake of destruction across anything that stands in its paths. According to a report, there was a 6.9 magnitude earthquake on the following day which destroyed 35 structures, including some 26 homes.

On this fateful day, a weather chasing organization known as WXChasing captured a few videos of the disaster as it unfolds, including a time-lapse footage recorded by a dash cam of the molten lava crossing a road and subsequently, swallowing a white Ford Mustang parked across the road.

The eruption in Hawaii is a grim reminder of the power of Mother Nature and the one video that lets the world witness Mother Nature taking the car as her own is particularly powerful reminder that there is a force in this world that is beyond our control.

Our hearts go out to those who are affected by this natural disaster.

Skip ahead for the said videos. You can see more videos on WXChasing’s YouTube channel, or if you wish, learn more about the brave folks’ works over at their website.

Image: YouTube.

via Boing Boing.

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