Well, it is Monopoly day for us here today because we have another Monopoly to share with you guys (and we have one more!). This time it is a themed Monopoly that no self-respecting fans of the American comic strip Peanuts should miss. That’s right, folks, Peanuts aka Charlie Brown, and the gang have arrived at the world’s most famous board game – again.

Monopoly: Peanuts Board Game by USAOPOLY

Produced by USAOPOLY, Monopoly: Peanuts lets you take Charlie Brown and the game on a journey of buying, selling, and trading cherished seasonal moments, such as Decorate the Tree, Give Thanks, Play Baseball, and more. Befitting the Peanuts-themed, you will get to build Bird Nests and Dog Houses, and deal with Good Grief! and AUGH! experiences.

Included with the Monopoly: Peanuts are a Peanuts-themed game board, 6 collectible tokens (including Snoopy on sled, a Football, Jack O’ Lantern, Kite eating tree, Baseball Cap, and a Mailbox), 28 Title Deed cards, 16 Chance cards, 16 Community Chest Cards renamed “Good Grief” cards, 16 Chance cards renamed “AUGH!” cards, custom Monopoly money, 32 Houses renamed “Birds Nests”, 12 Hotels renamed “Dog Houses”, 2 dice, and a game rule book.

The Monopoly: Peanuts is being sold on theop.games for US$44.99.

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