We have another Monopoly board game to share with you. This time, Monopoly has gone luxe – thanks to the Monopoly Luxury Edition from WS Game Company. If I can be honest, a luxe edition of Monopoly should be a no-brainer, after all, Monopoly is about reining the money and seeing who emerged as the millionaire. We are glad that it actually exists.

Luxury Monopoly Board Game by WS Game Company
Monopoly Luxury Edition.

Anyhoo, WS Game Company is a specialist in luxing up Monopoly and it has a huge catalog to suit all kinds of budgets and tastes. The Monopoly Luxury Edition is not the only and also not the priciest. It has a bunch of other collector-worthy editions, including the Monopoly Heirloom Edition, the Monopoly Luxe Maple Edition, and a super cool Prisma Glass Edition – just to name a few.

Also, most of the luxury Monopoly from WS Game Company can hardly be called board games anymore. They are grander than just a piece of plasticized cardboard. For example, the Monopoly Luxury Edition boasts a gorgeous wooden cabinet with burled veneer panels and decorative metal plaques, and the game path and center rolling area are laid with faux leather with gold foil stamping. The cabinet has two drawers, each with a die-cast handle, for storage which can double as the banker’s storage drawer.

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Luxury Monopoly Board Game by WS Game Company

The set includes 8 plated die-cast Monopoly tokens (Battleship, Boot, Horse and Rider, Race Car, Scottie Dog, Top Hat, Iron, Thimble), 32 plated die-cast houses, 12 plated die-cast hotels, premium Chance, Community Chest, Title Deed cards, and Monopoly money, and finally, a faux-leather Title Deed cards holder, also with gold foil stamping.

The Monopoly Luxury Edition by WS Game Company commands a cool US$299 (or US$279.99 from Amazon.com). But it isn’t the priciest yet. The Heirloom goes for US$399 (or US$349.99). There’s more. Neither set is the most expensive in WS Game Company’s catalog.

Luxury Monopoly Board Game by WS Game Company

The Monopoly 85th Anniversary Edition tops out at US$999. Mind blown. I know. These are probably not the most extravagant or most expensive Monopoly board games but they sure look stunning. Whether it is the Monopoly Luxury Edition or the Prisma Glass Edition or the World Edition – Charles Fazzino, they are just about the coolest-looking Monopoly board game ever.

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Images: WS Game Company.

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