Coca-Cola Japan Mt. Fuji 250 ML Souvenir Bottle

Here’s another Coca-Cola news out of Japan. While the fizzy drink did not have exotic flavors as KitKat does, it does get collectible bottles like the adorable 289 and 300 ml plastic bottles, the 300 ml aluminum bottle variety, and the 250 ml souvenir slim bottle which often features graphics marking festival, event, or organization such as the Tokyo 2020 and Tokugawa clan, for example.

Now, this slim bottle series is joined by a new collectible souvenir bottle: Mt. Fuji. Fans and collectors may have noted that this isn’t the first time Mt. Fuji has appeared on the slim bottle. Back in 2018, it appeared on the 250 ml aluminum bottle as part of the slim bottle regional design.

However, this time Mt. Fuji isn’t alone on the bottle; it is accompanied by the great waves, presented in the style of Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa. I don’t believe the waves have anything to do with the ukiyo-e master though.

I do not reside in Tokyo but somehow, putting huge waves and Mt. Fuji in the same picture does not sound auspicious. I know Mt. Fuji is fairly near to Suruga Bay but still, it is not nice seeing Tsunami-like huge waves towering over the 3,776 m tall active volcano if you know what I mean.

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The Coca-Cola Japan Mt. Fuji 125 ML Souvenir Bottle, which sells for 125 yen (0.93 cents) a pop, is available now in Japan, except for Okinawa. 

Images: Timeout/Coca-Cola [JP].

via Timeout.