think rock n’ roll, and booze and drugs comes to mind. while we don’t condone or encourage the use of drugs, a little alcohol wouldn’t hurt. you can party without drugs, but without any form of alcohol, the party is good as dead. and for now, the best thing to rock to would be this The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Commemorative Pack from Crystal Rock Vodka. released in celebration of the world’s oldest still rocking rock band’s golden anniversary by Crystal Head Vodka (btw, CHV is founded by actor Dan Aykroyd) and Universal Music Canada, this superlative collectible gift set includes a handcrafted display case featuring a real zipper that recalls that of the legendary Sticky Fingers album cover art, a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka (of course!), a crystal bottle decanter top engraved with the band’s signature tongue-and-lip logo, a bottle tattoo with the 50th anniversary logo, and a 2-disc Live compilation that captures the Stones’ five decades of on stage performance for you to rock along while under influence of, what else? a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka.

the limited edition The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Commemorative Pack is available in North America (which means no luck for the rest of the world) for between $89.95 and $99.95. though “limited”, there’s no word on how many actually will be made available.

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Crystal Head Vodka via Cool Material

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