Motiv Ring Activity, Heart Rate and Sleep Tracker

Before the emergence of smartwatches, wrist-worn fitness trackers was a brilliant idea. And then when smartwatches came along, it kind of make fitness tracker not so relevant. However, smartwatch or not is really non-consequential if you don’t like to have a thing strapped around your wrist, let alone wearing two wrist-worn gadgets. This is where Motiv Fitness Tracking Ring is able to help (but that is, of course, if you ok with a ring). If this soon-to-be-available gadget delivers as promised, then it is indeed a piece of tech marvel because it managed to pack an entire fitness band’s worth of tech into a thing the size of ring. And we all know how tiny a ring is.

Even more amazingly, it can even pick up heart rate too, along with the garden variety of data like your sleep pattern, steps taken, calories burnt, and of course, distance covered. Basically, all the data you have come to expect from a fitness tracker, Motiv Ring will be able to log them. Like so many modern day gadgets, Motiv Ring works in conjunction with a companion app to track and log the aforementioned data, and automatically adjusts your daily targets based on the progress so far into the week (just in case you missed a day or two).

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Motiv Ring Activity, Heart Rate and Sleep Tracker
Spot the fitness tracker.

Advanced technologies allow for component miniaturization that enable all the required electronics for it to function as it should to be packed inside a waterproof solid titanium encasement and still have room to spare for a custom curved battery that offers up to 5 days of use before needing to recharge. Like I said, if it delivers as promised, Motiv Ring is certainly a tech marvel to drool over regardless if you are into fitness tracking or not.

Motiv Fitness Tracking Ring is available open for pre-order, in a choice of gray or rose gold, for a cool asking price of $199, a price that is no doubt reserved for those who are dead serious about tracking their fitness data discreetly and doing so with style as a side bonus.

Images: Motiv.