Can taking selfie ever be classy? Apparently so, if you have the Motorola Selfie Stick. This purported accessory is not just any selfie stick; it is of real wood, handcrafted by master craftsman in their respective field, namely wood working and leather, and the result is an uber chic piece of accessory that, after watching the product video, you know you will never get your hands on one, ever. Unfortunate, it is. As a consolation, however pretty or elegant this wood and leather selfie stick is, it is not retractable like any selfie stick should, which means, it will be pain to carry around. So don’t feel too awful that this isn’t a real product. Even so, a part of us wish that it is a real deal. I mean, just look it; it is pure art. Almost as artsy as Harry Potter’s wand.

We will give it to Motorola for creating such a swanky and emotional charged video. The ‘product’ is as much as a work of art as the video itself, and as the wise old craftsman said, “… the selfie stick is not just an accessory, it is an extension of who you are.” That, we can’t be sure, but the video certainly puts a smile on our face. Scroll down for the said video. Enjoy!

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