It was a major bummer that limited 5,000 sets of the Neon Genesis Evangelion Ultimate Edition were snapped up in a jiffy. It is now clear that 5,000 sets are not all GKids have prepared. There are more, though, it won’t pack as many goodies as the US$274.99 set.

There is going to be a five-disc Standard Edition that costs a more wallet-friendly US$45.99. But if a limited edition is a must for you, be sure to look out for a new 11-disc Collectors Edition that will sell for US$174.99. Obviously, the Neon Genesis Evangelion Collectors Edition won’t be as meaty as the Ultimate Edition, though.

Both editions will contain the original 26-episode series, the movies Evangelion: Death (True)2 and The End of Evangelion, and over 5 hours of bonus features.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Collectors Edition
Collectors Edition

The Collectors Edition, however, will come with a full set of additional discs containing the original classic English dub and subtitled versions, two extra hours of bonus features (totaling over 7 hours) that include Japanese cast auditions, as well as a 40-page book and 8 art cards.

It is a far cry from what you get with the Ultimate Edition, but hey, it is better than having nothing at all and besides, it is more than 100 bucks lesser. You will still get some pretty sweet packaging though.

Pre-order for these two editions is happening now.

Images: GKids.

via The Verge.

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