3D isn’t for everyone and i, for one, isn’t too fond of it. sometimes those virtual popped out images just make goes dizzy – that said, we would assume the same applies to Nintendo 3DS glasses 3D. in fact, we has hands on with the device when it first hit the market and i can conclude that if mere 3D glasses makes you go spinning, then 3DS would have the same effect on you, if not worst. anyway, help is here for the 3D-intolerant bunch like me cos’ there’s the Nintendo 2DS portable gaming device that lets us enjoy all the packaged and downloadable games for 3DS in 2D. though this new portable gaming device from Nintendo shares many of the 3DS hardware features including dual screens, touchscreen functionality, and game-play controls, it is presented in a slate form factor as opposed to the clamshell design found on the 3DS.

other features include backward compatibility with over 2,000 Nintendo DS games, wireless connectivity, multiplayer online gaming, access to Nintendo eShop for video contents and more games. the Nintendo 2DS Portable Gaming Device is slated to hit the stores on October 12 for $129.99 a pop. accordingly to Nintendo, this latest entrant is “designed specifically for anyone looking for a more affordable entry point into the world of Nintendo hand-held video games”, but we think its more like for those wished to do without 3D, like for example, yours truly here. seriously. having headaches resulting from 3D is no joke. hit the jump for product intro video (aka commercial).

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