Secretlab Dark Knight Edition Gaming Chair

Keeping your superhero identity a secret is hard. Even harder is becoming a superhero like, say, Batman, if you are not a billionaire. Fortunately, pretending to be Dark Knight won’t cost a fortune.

A Secretlab Dark Knight Edition Gaming Chair could get the ball rolling and like most of Secretlab’s gaming chair, it won’t cost you an arm or a leg.

Secretlab Dark Knight Edition Gaming Chair

For $389 and up, this Dark Knight-themed of the gaming chair maker’s most notable gaming seat could be yours. Granted, it is not leather as Bruce Wayne may have preferred, but PU leather is just about the same.

In fact, you’d be glad that you are not sitting on animal’s skins. That’s what superhero should do, right? Not directly or indirectly kill animals?

Out of the shadows, comes the most comfortable way to celebrate 80 years of crime-fighting excellence. With the Batman logo custom-embroidered, this is the award-winning sitting experience preferred by the World’s Greatest Detective. This is the all-new Secretlab Dark Knight Edition.

Each Secretlab Dark Knight Edition Gaming Chair features Secretlab’s patent-pending cold-cure foam mix for the feels oh-so-good firmness that is good for your posture, full-metal 4D armrests with concave PU padding, full-length backrest recline, multi-tilt mechanism, Class 4 hydraulics and an ADC12 aluminum wheel base with XL PU caster wheels.

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If you are down, you can pick up the Secretlab Dark Knight Edition Gaming Chair now for the aforementioned starting price.

All images courtesy of Secretlab.