This is it. The official Overwatch gaming chair is here and it has not one, but two designs to chose from. Gaming chair maker Secretlab has collaborated with Blizzard to bring to the table, the world’s first official Overwatch and D.Va Edition gaming chairs.

Secretlab Overwatch Edition Gaming Chairs

Secretlab Overwatch Edition:
The Secretlab Overwatch Edition is upholstered in our latest PRIME™️ 2.0 PU leather, and embroidered with the game’s iconic emblem as the grand centrepiece of the chair—made for a world-class sitting experience and peak gaming performances for all Overwatch fans and gamers.

Secretlab Overwatch Edition Gaming Chairs

Secretlab D.Va Edition:
Upholstered in our special bubblegum-pink SoftWeave™ Fabric, the Secretlab D.Va Edition also pays homage to the character’s collection of in-game decals, embellished on the wings of the chair. Now you can stay incredibly well-seated while repping your favorite hero.

Both the Secretlab D.Va Edition and the Secretlab Overwatch Edition are available in Omega and Titan model, i.e. snug-fit seat base, AKA race car-snug seat, and leveled seat base for all cross-legged seaters.

Secretlab Overwatch Edition Gaming Chairs are available to order now with prices starting at $389.

All images courtesy of Secretlab.

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