Cheap watch, expensive watch, smartwatch. There is one wrist watch for every type of person, but a Nintendo super fan? Well, that is covered too with this: Nintendo Game Boy Wrist Watch (officially, Nintendo 8(-Bit) O’Clock Game Boy Watch). It is a real watch that is a miniature replica of the iconic Game Boy portable gaming device. The raddest part is, it has working buttons which are use for setting time, turning on the backlight illumination, and whatnot.

Nintendo Game Boy Wrist Watch

Speaking of backlight illumination… it is activated by the D-Pad and the backlight is of the authentic shade of green. Sweet. Judging from the product images, the textured and the color of the case looks totally like the original Game Boy too. Basically, it is the Game Boy you know, except that it is very much smaller and you can’t actually play games on it. Because it looks exactly like the Game Boy, it is a must-have on any Nintendo super fan’s wrist.

Nintendo Game Boy Wrist Watch

And oh, wait, it has one other cool feature: it has a built-in alarm function that plays the official Super Mario Land theme tune as opposed to the boring beeps. Now, that my friends, is pretty damn dope. Each Nintendo Game Boy Wrist Watch is paired with a set of silicone strap with tang buckle and the watch is presented in a snazzy presentation box.

The Nintendo Game Boy Wrist Watch is an officially licensed Nintendo merchandise and it is totally affordable. Going at just $32.99. However, at the time of this writing, it is going at a discounted price of $23.49. You can find Nintendo Game Boy Wrist Watch HERE and HERE.

Nintendo Game Boy Wrist Watch
Nintendo Game Boy Wrist Watch

Images via Merchoid.

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