funny that we came across this press release from Nissan today because just days ago, we were talking about how nice it would be to have self-cleaning cars. it sure looks like our wish has come true, well… almost. washing a car is not only a chore, it can be a costly process (depending on how obsessed you are) and to some extend, a complete wastage of natural resources, and it gets worst if you have a giant like those seven-seater minivan. with these concerns in mind, Nissan sets out to test an innovative nano paint technology which is capable of repelling mud, rain and just about anything the road can serve up. this specially engineered super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint employs a coating technology known as Ultra-Ever Dry, which creates a protective layer of air between the paint and the environment to prevent water, frost, sleet and road spray from marking the car’s body.

Nissan Develops The World's First Self-cleaning Car

the technology is there, but just that no one has yet taken the lead to apply it to automotive bodywork, until now. though it is not available now; Nissan Technical Center Europe has applied this special paint concoction to a Nissan Note and will be putting the paint job through its paces to access the paint’s real-world effectiveness as a potential aftermarket application. that said, Nissan will not be making this technology available to its cars as standard, but will consider it as a future aftermarket option. if this technology proves to be effective in everyday situation, washing car could be a thing of the past and i am sure no car owners would say no to that. keep going for a video of the Nissan ‘Self-cleaning’ Note in action and also a clip on the Ultra-Ever Dry technology.

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