Orbitkey Nest is a right step towards a tidier desk space. However, it alone can do this much. Things like cable(s), loose documents and whatnot are still going places (on the desk). This is where Orbitkey Desk Mat comes in.

Orbitkey Desk Mat Kickstarter

It takes care of other things which the Nest can’t. As the name suggests, it is a desk mat and therefore, it is suited whether you are using a desktop, an all-in-one, or a laptop. Whichever machine you use, Orbitkey Desk Mat creates a visual structure in your desk area, so things are organized. A tidier desk means less distraction.

Plus, with it, you can ditch the mouse pad for good. Also, did we mention that it also serves as a good hideaway for your loose papers? Not going to lie. I am totally sold by the idea of sliding away loose papers in between the sleek vegan leather. I guess sweeping things under the rug is not a bad thing after all.

Orbitkey Desk Mat Kickstarter

Another cool feature is the dedicated stationery and small accessories “toolbar.” The so-called ‘toolbar’ has a magnetic cable holder which you can move anywhere long it. You know, to keep the cable in place and always within reach. Perfect for those who are absolutely obsessed with tidying up cables (like yours truly!).

If you are keen, you can find Orbitkey Desk Mat on Kickstarter selling at US$49-69, depending on the size. Go check it out if you desire for a stylishly neat work area.

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All images courtesy of Orbitkey.

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