the Apple that Steve Jobs built has no doubt made history and with that, we also witness the birth of the great, great grandaddy of all-in-one computer – the original Macintosh. having said that, what better way to immortalize this icon then by crafting a ‘replica’ (albeit a scaled and non-working example) with an equally big name like LEGO? but no. LEGO is not offering an official Apple Macintosh LEGO set (and we all know the Playmobil Apple Store was a good joke some years ago) but this particular cute example was a creation of an individual by the name of Chris McVeigh which brings us to the bad news for Apple-LEGO fans: it can’t be bought – at least for now. however, according to Chris, the response for his work of art was pretty amazing and hence, he decided that he will put up a building guide for this model in the next couple of weeks so fans could build one for themselves. also, knowing how elusive some of the LEGO bricks are in certain countries, McVeigh will be offering a “very limited number of kits” catering to fans who have no access to the bricks necessary to build the LEGO version of the Original Mac (you bet we will be waiting for it, Chris!). so if you are keen, do keep your eyes peeled on Chris McVeigh’s Facebook page for more information. hit the above image for larger view.

Facebook via iheartapple

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