Move over piggy bank. You are way too easy to get the coins out. All you need is a hammer or an “unintentional” drop from the table, and your contents will be up for pickings. But this, the Pac-Mac: Procrastination Power Maze Safe, won’t be as easy. It is a puzzle/maze that spreads across four sides and in order to access the coins you have deposited, you will need to maneuver the Pac-Man (which is a yellow ball bearing, btw) to designated spot.

Pac-Mac Procrastination Power Maze Safe

So, unlike the traditional ceramic piggy bank that requires brute force to get to your stash, this one require some level of wits. We do not know how difficult is the maze, but however easy, it still requires more work than lifting up and hammer and pounding it. Though I suspect you could do that. No words on the material, but I supposed it is of plastic and if so, it will take more pounding.

The Pac-Mac: Procrastination Power Maze Safe is an officially licensed Pac-Mac merchandise perfect for the gamers who is feeling nostalgic, always. Even if you don’t stash loose change in it, it will make for an awesome table top/shelf decor to exhibit the geek in you. Pac-Mac: Procrastination Power Maze Safe can be have at just $16.99, available as a pre-order on Merchoid. And no, we are absolutely not affiliated or whatsoever. So, shop in peace, you cruel monsters.

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Images: Merchoid.

Source: Technabob.

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