It looks like the arrival of LEGO Stranger Things is imminent. LEGO has just shared a video on Facebook entitled “LEGO Police Cruiser set.” A teaser or commercial is nothing out of the ordinary, except for this was shot with a very 80s toys commercial vibe and more importantly, it features a new police 4×4 cruiser chilling out at the edge of a quiet American town, complete with the welcome billboard, before setting off on a pursuit of an unidentified speeding sports car.

LEGO Teases Stranger Things Play Set
Note the “Population”. It is the same as Hawkins’ population in the Stranger Things.

Now, there are a few things to take note here. First, if we take a closer look at the billboard, it stated that it has a population of “30,000” which eagle eye fans may recalled that is the same number as the small Midwestern town Hawkins depicted in the Netflix sci-fi/horror series. Second, the police cruiser looks identical to the LEGO 4×4 that appeared on the leaked packaging of the purported LEGO 75810 The Upside Down set and lastly, the commercial was very 80s (complete with video artifacts common to the media of the time) which is exactly the period Stranger Things was set in.

Prior to that, some online retail stores, including Germany’s Lucky Bricks, have listed 75810 on their site, albeit without a pricing. The video with its hints, the leaked images, and the various listings along with the two announced events that are slated to happen on May 14 and May 15 at LEGO Store Flatiron in New York and LEGO Store Leicester Square, respectively, pretty much confirmed that LEGO Stranger Things set(s) is coming.

LEGO 75810 The Upside Down Lucky Bricks
LEGO Stranger Things Image posted by one retailer, Lucky Bricks.

It is coming, notwithstanding the fact that Stranger Things is not exactly a kid-friendly show. The irony is, LEGO has always marketed itself as a kid-friendly toy maker and so… Perhaps, that is why the 2,287-piece set has a recommended age of 16+? We have never seen anything beyond 12+ at this point. And if I am mistaken, this is the first for LEGO. Whatever it is, it is happening, folks. Or at least, we are 99 percent sure it is.

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There may be good to come out of this. If LEGO Stranger Things can be come true, then it may just be good news for adult LEGO collectors because, this may signal the opening of the market for future adult-focused LEGO sets. Continue reading to find the said teaser video.

P.S.: we are not going to post the leaked images (you can see them at this page, if you want) because, the last time we posted some supposed leaked LEGO product images, we were slapped with a take down notice.

Images: LEGO.

Hat tip: Bricks Fanz.

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