Razer Chroma is a sweeping phenomena that has reaches beyond Razer Chroma-enabled devices. It is on headphone stand, drinking mug and even skateboards and electric cars, and now, this psychedelic light show originally intended as a more immersive gaming experience has arrived to web browser too. Non mainstream and little known web browser company Vivaldi Technologies has announced the release of Vivaldi 2.5 web browser, the world’s first desktop web browser to feature deep integration with the Razer Chroma.

It is the same Vivaldi browser you may have come to know, just that with this newest version, you will, if you so desire, be to enjoy lighting effects that dynamically syncs colors from the websites you are visiting. Why? Because, immersive experience. Actually, it was a smart move. At least, now we know it exists which we previously don’t. Not that it is lacking of any active user. As of now, Vivaldi web browser boasts over 11 million active users. Somehow, we have a feeling that number is going grow fairly quickly with news of the Chroma integration getting out.

In case you are interested, here’s how to enable Razer Chroma integration in Vivaldi 2.5:

• Go to Settings -> Themes
• Look out for “Razer Chroma Theme Integration” section
• Check “Enable Razer Chroma Integration” and;
• Check the relevant Razer Chroma-enabled devices connected to your computer

Vivaldi Razer Chroma-enabled Web Browser

You will need at least a Razer Chroma-enabled device for this light show to work. There’s another caveat. Vivaldi’s Razer Chroma integration, at this point, is only compatible with Windows computers. So, if you are using anything other than Windows, you are out of luck. But fortunately, you can still enjoy Vivaldi 2.5 without the fancy Razer Chroma integration on GNU/Linux as well as macOS. If you are not acquaint with Vivaldi, here’s a little video to bring you up to speed:

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Images: Vivaldi Technologies.

Source: Softpedia via Twitter (@minliangtan).

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