Felt Mouse is cool but not for the those with sweaty palms

Felt Mouse 544x320px
(credit: Joey Roth)

this is one designer mouse that defies ergonomic. while mouse makers are cracking their heads on how to make your palm feel more comfy using their mice, Joey Roth goes the way: an absolutely square edged, rectangle mouse that’s wrapped in felt. in the world where manufacturers are pushing ergonomic in mice to us, it nice to see one that challenge the conventional. though i have some concern about the felt which could pose a problem for those with sweaty palms, not to mention the dirt and grimes that are going to stick to the felt. you might have to call in the carpet cleaner to steam clean this mouse.
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Felt Mouse 600x400px Felt Mouse 600x400px Felt Mouse 600x400px Felt Mouse 600x400px

via Yanko Design

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