everything is gold with Astro Gaming ‘The Gold Edition’

Astro Gaming The Gold Edition 544x340px
(credit: Astro Gaming) Astro Gaming The Gold Edition | from US$999.95 | www.astrogaming.com

are your gaming accessories lacking of the weight and bling factor? fret not, Astro Gaming has a solution for you – in the form of the exclusive limited edition ‘The Gold Edition’ (seriously, i feel awkward phrasing that) which are essentially gaming gears created out from solid 22K gold. whoa… if this is not pimped, i don’t know what is. check out some images after the break to witness for yourself.

The Gold Edition product line includes the A40 headphones, XBOX 360 controller, MixAmp 5.8 RX wireless receiver and the Urban Lanyard. the latter is more like a gold chain than a lanyard, which would be something hip hop artists and rappers would love. aside from the 22K gold, the Gold Edition XBOX 360 controller also sports a diamond-tipped buttons and gold wiring. you might not have midas touch but you can get these ready-in-gold item to add some bling to your gaming experience.

now all that’s left is to get an XBOX 360 that’s dress in gold. no word on the availability of the Gold Edition but you can head down to their website and be notified when it becomes available. however, be prepared to shell out at least $999.95 for The Gold Edition.

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Astro Gaming Gold Edition A40 headset 576x600px Astro Gaming Gold Edition XBox 360 Controller 576x600px Astro Gaming Gold Edition MixAmp 5.8 Rx Wireless Receiver 576x600px Astro Gaming Gold Edition Urban Lanyard 576x600px

Astro Gaming via Born Rich


a band for your note book that will keep your pens together

Cleverhands Journal Bandolier 544x368px
(credit: Cleverhands) Journal Bandolier | US$16.95 | cleverhands.wordpress.com

even at this digital age, most of us still rely on the trusty pen and paper combo to jot down meeting notes. or perhaps, it is just me. i, for one, find it hard to jot down important notes digitally even though i have access to digital devices. there is just something about traditional means of writing that draws us to it. that said, i still carry a note book and pen around. yeah, usually, just a single pen. that’s where the problem arise. i tend to lose the pen and also, if you have one huge bag without any compartments (and a whole lot of junks in it), chances are, you won’t find your pen either.

Journal Bandolier by Cleverhands aims to solve the pen and note book separation issue by binding them together. Journal Bandolier is not a note book but it is a handmade band made out of reclaimed rubber that has loops to hold not just one pen, but seven of them. losing pen is one of our favorite pastime, so it’s great that we can bring another six along. it’s an awesome product, plus it is totally affordable. the Journal Bandolier cost $16.95 a pop and are available via Etsy.

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Cleverhands Journal Bandolier 900x600px Cleverhands Journal Bandolier 900x600px Cleverhands Journal Bandolier 900x600px Cleverhands Journal Bandolier 900x600px

Etsy via Cool Material

CrystalRoc debuts iPad 2 with the bling bling factor

CrystalRoc iPad 2 544x288px
(credit: CrystalRoc) CrystalRoc iPad 2 | US$tbc | www.crystalroc.com

CrystalRoc has done it again, this time, it is the iPad 2 that receives the crystallized treatment that CrystalRoc is well known for. details are still pretty vague at this point but what we do know is that the iPad 2 will be available in 32 GB and 64 GB version. for purchase, you gotta contact CrystalRoc directly or pop by Micro Anvika at Harrods, London. no word on the pricing as yet, though. we will be lying to ourselves if we were to think it’s anything near affordable, but you do understand that crystallization has a price to pay, don’t you? Continue reading CrystalRoc debuts iPad 2 with the bling bling factor

Stampler lets you stamp a smiley and staple at the same time

SUCK UK Stampler 544x388px
(credit: Suck UK) Suck UK Stampler | £12.00 | www.suck.uk.com

i wonder if Suck UK will be submitting the word ‘Stampler’ to Webster dictionary or something. if you have a penchant for stationery, here’s a stapler that would probably put on smile on your face. from the folks who brought you the adorable old school pencil stylus, comes the stampler, a staple mashed up with a self-inking smiley stamp. so what you get here is a smiley with the words “have a nice day” around it, stamped on the paper along with the usual staple. cool? it’s going to change the way you stamp, or was it ‘it’s going change the way you staple”? either way, it is a gadget that injects some fun into the mundane chore of stapling. maybe. too bad we don’t have ‘curved’ staple because as we can see, the smiley isn’t really smiling.

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SUCK UK Stampler 600x600px SUCK UK Stampler 600x600px SUCK UK Stampler 600x600px SUCK UK Stampler 600x600px SUCK UK Stampler 600x600px

help Japan quake victims with these Lomography cameras

Lomography Japan Golden Week 2011 544x298px
(credit: Lomography)

Lomography just announced three special edition cameras, the Diana & Flash, the Diana F+ and Fisheye 2. these three cameras were originally conceived to commemorate Japan’s Golden Week, but now these cameras have take on a whole new meaning. with the purchase of each camera, 20 euro will be donated to the Red Cross Relief Japan. Continue reading help Japan quake victims with these Lomography cameras

Cary Norton created this 4×5 camera out of LEGO bricks

Cary Norton Legotron Mark I 544x488px
(credit: Cary Norton)

Cary Norton created this 4×5 camera entirely with LEGO bricks, except for, of course, the lens and the ground glass. if those two items were available from LEGO, i bet he would use them too. the project started way back 2009 and after a long hiatus, it is finally completed now. Cary’s LEGO 4×5 camera measures about 7 x 6.5 x 7 inches and has a 127mm F4.7 lens which he grab off the eBay. Cary called this current 4×5 the Legotron Mark I and envision to be creating a Mark II in future.

check out more images of Cary’s Legotron after the break.

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Cary Norton Legotron Mark I 650x650px Cary Norton Legotron Mark I 650x650px Cary Norton Legotron Mark I 650x650px Cary Norton Legotron Mark I 650x650px

Cary Norton via DVICE

An Inside Look At The Custom Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trucks

the pair of custom Mercedes-Benz Zetros that we featured last week, are probably the coolest trucks ever. the highlight of these trucks are the interior and its amenities, therefore it would be a shame that we don’t get to see how the interior looks like. fret not, as today, we have the opportunity to take a peek inside these magnificent trucks. check out the (many) images after the break. tell me you aren’t impressed. Continue reading An Inside Look At The Custom Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trucks

Sony DAB Radio XDR-S16DBP has a classy retro look

Sony XDR-S16DBP DAB Radio 544x368px
(credit: Sony Europe)

does anyone listen to radio anymore? i can’t remember when was the last time i tuned in for some good old fashion transmission. in anyway, if you are still tuning in to the stations, you would probably want to check out this latest offering from Sony Europe, the Sony XDR-S16DBP DAB Radio. at a glance, this unit has an unmistakeable retro-flair as emphasized by its silver speaker fascia and rounded natural wood cabinet. Continue reading Sony DAB Radio XDR-S16DBP has a classy retro look

Sports version Cap-Trap is for lover of beer and sports

Cap-Trap Sports 544x288px
(credit: Innovative Openers) Cap-Trap Eco-Friendly Bottle Opener | US$tbc | www.cap-trap.com

if have been following this blog, you probably would have read about the Beer Cap Catcher. apparently, there is already a product that perform the same task since last year. dubbed the Cap-Trap, it shares the same working concept as the Beer Cap Catcher, which is to catch the bottle’s cap when opening them. Cap-Trap has a modular design which enables the top to be interchanged. first to be released into the market are these sports top Cap-Traps. rather than just a plain top, this sports series has top cap in the form of your favorite sports such as a football shaped top, football helmet shaped top, baseball shaped top, basketball shaped top and golf ball shaped top.

we all know the close relation between sports and beer party. sports fanatics often gathers together to catch major games and with that, beers and BBQ meats make the round. so, wouldn’t it be cool to have a Cap-Trap top that matches the sporting event? i thought that was a pretty neat idea. so when the baseball season is in, just twist on a baseball shape top and let the mood fly. NBA season? no worries, just twist on the basketball shape top and you are good to go.

no words on the pricing for the sports version Cap-Trap though. according to Innovative Openers, they should be available pretty soon.

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Cap-Trap Sports 900x500px Cap-Trap 900x500px Cap-Trap - how to use 900x500px Cap-Trap 900x500px

make robots a part of your green life with robo planters

Robo-planters by M.C. Langer 544x625px
(credit: M.C. Langer)

recently, i’m kind of into this thing called Terrarium. naturally, M.C. Langer instructable on how to create a robo-planter attracts my attention 100%. if you are into desktop gardening, so to speak, you might as well make your desktop garden stand out with unique, one-of-the-kind look planters. brown plastic planters are so passe, don’t you agree? in fact, this series of robo-planters are not the first from M.C. Langer. he had earlier posted instructions on making a rare planters re-using home junk but i thought the latest robo-planters look way cooler. Continue reading make robots a part of your green life with robo planters

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