Men with secret love for Hello Kitty, we have news for you. Good news, in fact. Balenciaga has announced a line of handbags for men featuring the popular Sanrio character. Yay? I guess?

The Balenciaga Hello Kitty Handbags for Men is available in three colors: black, pink and white, and just because it is for men (or we read that it is), it is not as subtle as you may have imagined.

Balenciaga Hello Kitty Handbags for Men

Balenciaga is going all out with a design that screams, I-am-a-man-and-love-Hello-Kitty. How so? By having the iconic face of the mouthless kitty, complete with its highly recognizable red bow, right smack on the front side of the bag.

And mind you, the bow is not a graphic. It is a 3D, plush item that screams attention – if the familiar oval eyes and nose, and whiskers of the world’s famous bipedal cat hasn’t get its due attention. The ears are stitched on, in 3D too. It is anything but subtle.

Balenciaga Hello Kitty Handbags for Men

TBH, it still look like a ladies’ bag. Oh, well… If you ask me, a Hello Kitty bag probably won’t be this attention grabbing if a kid or a lady was carrying it, but when it man is flaunting it, it suddenly becomes a head-turner. Very clever, Balenciaga. Very clever, indeed.

No words on the price. The Balenciaga Hello Kitty Handbags for Men was showed off recently at Paris Fashion Week as part of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

Balenciaga Hello Kitty Handbags for Men

Images: Balenciaga.

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