Luxury MIG 675 Yacht powered by hydrogen fuel [video]

Luxury MIG 675 Yacht
(image: Luxury-Sea) Luxury-Sea MIG 675 Yacht | €250,000.00 |

hydrogen powered vehicles are not new but this particular example here takes hydrogen power to the next level. what makes the Luxury-Sea MIG 675 here special is that it harvests its fuel directly from the water that it is travelling on. now, you can’t really do that with a land transport, do you? powered by a 500 horsepower hydrogen motor that is capable of propelling this 2,866 pounds, aluminum hull luxury boat up to 70 mph without polluting the environment. since it draws its fuel directly off the water beneath it, it negates the need for any compressed tanks, which translates to space saving. the boat can comfortably accommodates up to three persons and features LED navigation system, a leather interior, a built-in bar, teak floors, an retractable table, a shower, a toilet, and the all-important sun deck. Continue reading “Luxury MIG 675 Yacht powered by hydrogen fuel “

Dr. Dre DETOX Pro Limited Edition Headphones

Dr. Dre DETOX Pro Limited Edition Headphones
(image: Crystal Rocked) Dr Dre DETOX Pro Limited Edition Headphones | £890.00 |

being a club DJ ain’t no glamorous job but that doesn’t mean you should not shine in your own accord with something as alluring and glittery as this Dr Dre DETOX Pro Limited Edition by Crystal Rocked. this blinged up over-the-ear music cans is specially created to mark the release of Dr Dre’s album DETOX and features a stunning 3,000 individual Swarovski Jet Hematite encrusted over its lightweight, aluminum construction. other features include large, plush ear cushions for passive noise isolation, dual input/output cable ports for daisy-chaining headphones, and convenient flip-up ear cups design. each of this fine example will come with a Monster Cable headphone cable, a 1/8 to 1/4″ adapter, a Touring case, and a Monster Clean Cloth with advanced Aegis Microbe Shield technology to upkeep the aesthetic of your luxurious cans. Continue reading “Dr. Dre DETOX Pro Limited Edition Headphones”

New Balance ML71 “Rasta” – Reggae inspired footwear?

New Balance ML71 "Rasta"
(image: Jules/Streething) New Balance ML71 “Rasta” | US$tba |

the upcoming New Balance ML71 “Rasta” fuses the technical performance of its Minimus range of running shoes with a retro-licious and casual upper. needless to say, the “rasta” colorway draws our eye to it in an instant and the color combo kind of remind us of Bob Marley, and the whole reggae movement in general. don’t you think so? we are not shoes guru, so we shall spare you the agony of reading through our subpar shoes technicality. design-wise, the shoes features suede and mainly mesh nylon upper that works pretty well with the rasta tricolors. no words on the pricing but we hear that it will be hitting the stores sometime early 2012. a few more look after the break. Continue reading “New Balance ML71 “Rasta” – Reggae inspired footwear?”

Survival Kit in a Sardine Can

Survival Kit in a Sardine Can
(image: Restoration Hardware) Survival Kit in a Sardine Can | US$15.00 |

when you are in the wild, unforeseen circumstances may strike and you might just end up making your stay in the wilderness a little longer than anticipated. Instead of stuffing your rucksack with might use items and weighing yourself down, you might want something a little more compact like this Survival Kit in a Sardine Can. perfect for hikers, campers, travelers, just about anyone who might run into unexpected situation. as the name suggest, the survival kit’s container mimics a sardine can and contain more than 20 essential items that could help relieve your dire situation. this 4.5” by 3” unassuming can contents include: Continue reading “Survival Kit in a Sardine Can”

Miansai Gold iPhone Case for iPhone 4 and 4S

Miansai Gold iPhone Case for iPhone 4 and 4S
(image: Miansai) Miansai Gold iPhone Case | US$tba |

there are many ways which you can go about showing off your abundant wealth and there is no better way than to cast virtually anything you use in gold, like this luxurious but yet, not too ostentatious, Miansai Gold iPhone Case. honestly, we are not sure if it is even for sale but regardless, we love to let you know that this case is not plated but it is cast in over 4oz of gold – rock solid stuff that makes you feel like you are putting a gold bar to your cheek whenever you use answer a call. we have seen cases and custom iPhone plated in gold, but never one case that claims to be casted, until now. simply awesome. though, there’s no word on it’s pricing or availability. Continue reading “Miansai Gold iPhone Case for iPhone 4 and 4S”

Zapata Racing Flyboard lets you fly Iron Man-style [video]

Zapata Racing Flyboard
(image: via Gizmag) Zapata Racing Flyboard | from €4,900.00 |

before Tony Stark’s fictional powered exoskeleton suit becomes non-friction, you probably can get a firsthand experience of how it will feel like to be flying like Iron Man – less the electronic gadgetry and the exoskeleton, of course. the Zapata Racing’s Flyboard created by French jet ski champion, Franky Zapata is the gear that you will need for your “fly like Iron Man experience”. it is a simple jetpack like device that directs the powerful jet water from a jet ski and output them through a pair of jet boots and hand-held stabilizers. yes, miracle is not in the order for this, thus a jet ski is necessary to push jets of water to the Flyboard and lets it soar up to 9 meters into the air. a chunky 9-meter hose connects the Flyboard to the jet ski’s main jet exit. throttle control is though the jet ski operator in tow but if you want control in your hands (or if don’t trust the anyone other than yourself), Zapata has an option to add trigger control accessible by your hands. Continue reading “Zapata Racing Flyboard lets you fly Iron Man-style “

Click Keypad Watch disguises itself as a computer keypad

Click Keypad Watch
(image: WATCHISMO) Click Keypad Watch | US$89.99 |

glancing at your wristwatch and telling the time is a no brainer task but if you are looking for challenges even for a simple task as such, then the Click Keypad Watch might just fit the bill. more so, if you are a geek at heart. it looks like a computer numeric keypad but really, it is not – which is what makes it outstanding awesome. on one hand, we are not a fan of challenging time telling task but on the other, its keypad like appearance draws the geek in us to it. a series of animated lights on each keypad buttons lights up to tell you the present time but be warned that you should not take your eyes of it cos’ you might just miss the all important time information. one thing that puzzles us is, how do we set the time or even know if we have indeed set the time? Continue reading “Click Keypad Watch disguises itself as a computer keypad”

Hard Graft Slim 13″ Air Sleeve and Exclusive 13″ Sleeve

Hard Graft Slim 13" Air Sleeve and Exclusive 13" Sleeve
(image: Hard Graft) Hard Graft Slim 13″ Sleeve (€65)/ Exclusive 13″ Sleeve (€79) |

more good news for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship. Hard Graft has announced yet another duo of products to please the gadget-toting population. first up is the Hard Graft Exclusive 13″ Sleeve (aka the XII MacBook Sleeve) that is crafted from the signature 100% wool and semi-vegetable tanned cow leather combination, and offers both style and protection for your 13″ MacBook or MacBook Air. this fine example features a leather crafted front pocket to accommodate your smaller gadgets like your smartphone and the likes. the XII MacBook Sleeve is available in two colorway: All Grey and Heritage. next up is the Hard Graft Slim 13″ Sleeve (aka Slim MacBook Air Sleeve) that is designed with the 13″ MacBook Air in mind. similarly, it is crafted from German-made 100% wool felt and accented with premium semi-vegetable tanned cow leather. Continue reading “Hard Graft Slim 13″ Air Sleeve and Exclusive 13″ Sleeve”

BEHRINGER iNuke Boom – 10,000 watts Sound Dock

(image: BEHRINGER) BEHRINGER iNuke Boom | US$29,999.99 |

this is an exciting time for gadget lovers as the world’s favorite electronics show is drawing nearer and firms are busy turning out new announcement running up to this mega-event. one of the biggest draw, literally, would be perhaps the BEHRINGER iNuke Boom, a refrigerator sized sound dock that will make your iPhone or iPod looks like an item from Gulliver’s Travel. this gargantuan sized speaker measures an incredible 8-feet (2.4-meters) wide by 4-feet (1.2-meters) tall, and weighs an astounding 700 pounds (318 kg) but its physical size is not the only mind-boggling figure. this monster size speaker system will pump out more than 10,000 watts of audio reproduction from your tiny iDevice docked at its top. i bet you didn’t even notice there is an iPhone sitting on top of this unassuming gigantic black box. Continue reading “BEHRINGER iNuke Boom – 10,000 watts Sound Dock”

Porsche Design Sport x Adidas Easy Trainer

Porsche Design Sport x Adidas Easy Trainer
(image: Adidas) Porsche Design Sport x Adidas Easy Trainer | US$tba |

if you love how automotive brand mixes with fashion, then the Porsche Design Sport x Adidas Easy Trainer would probably appeal to you. this pair of eye-catching sneakers boast features like ultra light weight design (256 grams, to be exact), enhanced breathability and enhanced cushioning. hey but it is, after all, a pair for shoes, hence the ultimate judgment can only be passed by your pampered feet. however, as far as styles are concern, this pair is definitely going to get your friends talking and even more so if they managed to spot the tiny Porsche Design branding on the sneakers. there’s no price to it yet but it is safe to assume it won’t come cheap. Continue reading “Porsche Design Sport x Adidas Easy Trainer”