gorgeous 38′ Talbot Lago T150C-SS to go under hammer

1938 Talbot Lago T150C-SS Teardrop Coupe 544x366px
(credit: shooterz.biz/RM Auctions) 1938 Talbot Lago T150C-SS Teardrop Coupe | US$auction | www.rmauctions.com

1938 Talbot Lago T150C-SS’s teardrop shape body still looks gorgeous even after more than 70 years. conceived by Figoni & Falaschi, the Talbot Lago’s head turning smooth and sexy curves challenged the otherwise conventional boxy design of that era. this particular fine example here, the 1938 Talbot Lago T150C-SS Teardrop Coupe, was built on a shorter competition-bred (denoted by ‘SS’ & ‘C’ in its model number) Talbot chassis and one of the three that sports a factory fitted sunroof. apparently, this example is one of the only eleven examples with second-series “New-York” Figoni coachwork. hence, you will be hard-pressed to find another that’s so beautifully and painstakingly restored. Continue reading gorgeous 38′ Talbot Lago T150C-SS to go under hammer

flex interface will change the way we interact with touchscreen

Flex Interface 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from Witness video)

flex interface does not refers to the physical hardware but it’s more like the interface technology (i.e. software). hence, i reiterate, it has nothing to do with any hardware. in the recent Interaction 2011, Osaka University demoed an innovative interface that will ‘flex’ when scrolled. normally, when we scroll through Google Maps, part of the original content will be out of sight, making way for new content. however, that’s not the case for flex interface which treats the content as a flexible object. when scrolling, part of the content that would otherwise ‘disappear’ are distorted but still remain visible on the display.

if you are a frequent user of Google Maps, you will likely to appreciate this technology. for example, you may want to take a peek at the area beyond the display’s visible area to determine if that’s the location or area that you are looking for. in this aspect, traditional scrolling would requires you to scroll to that portion while the original screen got hidden away. however, with the flex interface, you can now peek around the map while still able to see the part of the map that were originally on the screen. while it may seems like nothing much, but it will save us the hassle of scrolling back and forth the map.

check out the video clip for a short intro and demo by one of the team member.

via DigiInfo TV

turn your iSight into a security camera with Witness App

Witness App 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from Witness video) Witness App for Mac | US$39.00 | www.witnessapp.com

with an annual turnover of US$3.1 billion for the burgling industry, you can’t be too lax when it comes to home property protection, isn’t it? if you own an iSight-equipped Mac and it’s sitting at home doing nothing while you are away. why not make it perform some security duty? Witness is a Mac app that will turn your iSight into a motion-activated security camera. in the event of an intrusion, the Witness immediately sends an alert to your iOS device along with the intruder’s mugshots and video. the Witness is available for Mac OS X 10.6 or higher for $39.

a free app, Witness Remote, also allows you to remotely arm or disarm your Witness on your home Mac. user can also access the witnessapp.com website to stay on top of the happenings in your home, office or dorm room. i have one concern though. when iSight is activated, a tiny green light will appear next to your iSight. in that case, any burglar who has knowledge of newer Mac would notice it, don’t they? well, it’s just a thought.

Orbicule via CrunchGear

unleash 100 rubber bands with this rubber band gatling gun

Rubber Band Gatling Gun 544x308px
Rubber Band Gatling Gun | US$499.00 | www.gadgetsandgear.com

when you were a kid, you probably had one of those rubber band firing hand gun. now that we have all grown up, we deserve something better than a single shot rubber gun. well, this is exactly what the Rubber Band Gatling Gun does. it can unload all its 100 rubber bands (one at a time, of course) on your unsuspecting target as fast as your hand can crank. yes, it does reminds us of the Gatling Gun of the yesteryear where cranking is required. machined out of mainly solid billet aluminum and power coated, this weapon of choice for any rubber band battle shoots size 64 rubber bands and it is safe enough for point-blank shooting. it’s just for your info, not that we encourage you to do that. catch this beautiful piece of toy in action in the video after the jump. in case, you feel that the fire power is lacking, you can request Gadgets and Gears for longer barrels which will boost its rubber-fire power.

you can get yours for a cool $499 from Gadgets and Gears. it is also worthy to note that this is a custom-built toy which would requires a two week lead time. at least, you know where the $499 goes.

UPDATE [May 15, 2014; 4:50PM PST] not exactly closely related to this post, but still somewhat related. we thought you guys might be interested in coupons and deals these folks are offering. go check them out.

Rubber Band Gatling Gun 640x480px

Rubber Band Gatling Gun 640x480px

Rubber Band Gatling Gun 640x480px

Rubber Band Gatling Gun 640x480px

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guess where this 700HP roadster takes its design cue from?

Reptile Concept Roadster 544x408px
(credit: Arturo Arino)

this is probably the first car design inspired by crocodiles. check out the images after jump and you will know what i mean. this organic form looking roadster, dubbed the Reptile by its designer Artuno Arino, is so alluring that i find it hard to give it a miss. the Reptile is said to be a hybrid that combines the electric power from a 4-pole electric induction motor and undisputed power from a Wankel (aka rotary engine) 27,000 CC engine that pushes out more than 700 horsepower at 9,000 RPM. it is a concept but thankfully, there are no hub-less wheels here, hence making it a little more practical. Continue reading guess where this 700HP roadster takes its design cue from?

Namco gun got mashed up with PS3 dual shock contoller

Custom PS3 wireless Namco gun 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from Custom PS3 Wireless Namco Gun Controller Mod video)

Netmoe is a serious Call of Duty gamer and he demand the best out of his gaming controllers which prompted him to custom this PS3 wireless Namco gun controller. while giving his NERF gun a paint job, he thought why not mashed up a NERF gun with a PS3 wireless controller? however, after accessing the NERF gun, he found it to be an unsuitable candidate. eventually, he managed to source a Namco wired PS3 gun controller which he proceeds to gut it and squeeze the innards from a PS3 wireless controller in. Netmoe even topped it off with a nice camouflage paint job and a NERF gun rail which enables it to attach a NERF gun sight. Netmoe’s Namco gun-PS3 dual shock controller mashed up has all the buttons of the original PS3 controller plus an additional ‘X’ button located on the left side of the gun handle allowing for running and jumping at the same time. check out the video of Netmoe’s build process after the jump. Continue reading Namco gun got mashed up with PS3 dual shock contoller

PiCycle injects your cycling with a dose of electric fun

PiCycle Limited 544x368px
(credit: PiMobility) PiMobility PiCycle Limited | US$4,995.00 | picycle.com

how many time when you were out cycling and you wished your ride has an electrical propulsion to relieve your aching legs? well, if money is of no concern, this $4,995 PiCycle does exactly what you wished for. the bike features a front mounted 1,250 watts brushless DC motor and the combination of human and electric power enables the bike to reach a speed of up to 30 mph. if you are feeling tired from pedaling, the bike’s electric motor is able to let you take a break for up to 20 miles. juicing up the electric motor is a 48 volts cobalt lithium-ion battery pack rated at 15.2 AH built into the aluminum monocoque body. other features include an eight-speed internal hub transmission, adjustable 30-inch wide handlebars, belt drive system. the PiCycle Limited is up for pre-order now over at PiCycle web store for a cool $4,995. if the Limited’s price tag is a little off your budget, the Sport Touring might be a less pricer alternative. Continue reading PiCycle injects your cycling with a dose of electric fun

this RC car is a mobile water gun that goes 11 mph

Remote Contol Car with Water Gun 544x408px
(credit: The Sharper Image) Remote Control Car with Water Gun | US$79.90 | www.sharperimage.com

the season of burning sun is not here yet but you can start equipping yourself for the summer fun with cool water guns. time to take water gun battle to the next level by not exposing yourself to your opponents’ water arms’. here’s the toy-of-choice to do just that: the Remote Control Car with Water Gun. this cool RC car is capable rolling into a water gun battle at a top speed of 11 mph and flashes its Xenon lights, blinding your opponents. nah, we made that part up – it won’t blind anyone. the working Xenon lights and the aggressive body styling adds to its aesthetic appeal. the military already has remote control vehicles to do their snoops, now you can do the same for your water gun battle with this RC car, but of course, it have to be within your line of sight. however, we suggest a little mod to equip this little guy with a camera or two. when you do that, just remember to waterproof your camera(s), else the little guy will be blind in no time.

the Remote Control Car with Water Gun is surprisingly inexpensive too. it retails for $79.90 and is available over at The Sharper Image web store.

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DIY gadget enables iPad 2 to do full HD 1080p over Airplay

Wireless mirroring with an iPad 2 544x308px
(credit: screenshot from ‘Wireless Mirroring with an iPad 2’ video)

when Eric Govoruhk and Kelly McAteer was tasked to make their client’s iPad 2 Keynote presentation smoother without being tethered to a VGA cable, this was the result: a full HD 1080p video mirroring by using a wireless HDMI transmitter and a USB battery pack. check out the demo run of their contraption in action in the video after the jump. the duo fabricated the housing themselves and most of the parts are off the shelf components. which is a good news, cos’ it means that you can build one yourself too. Eric and Kelly will be sharing their instruction once they have their gadget finalized. i wonder if it will work with the original iPad? cos’ i want to build one myself as i won’t be switching to the iPad 2 anytime soon.

via Gizmodo / 9to5Mac / MacRumors Forums

this is a real working DIY Hasselblad pinhole camera

Kelly Angood Hasselblad pinhole camera 544x368px
if you think there’s something odd about the camera featured here, you are right. what you see here is a real working 120-mm film pinhole camera made out of screen-printed corrugated cardboard – in a Hasselblad design. pretty sleek, eh? check out a couple of photos taken by this Hasselblad pinhole camera after the break. want one? this is the part where i get to say “there are something money can’t buy and this is one of them” but if you are patience enough, designer Kelly Angood will be putting a downloadable version that can printed on any home printer and made one using the print-out plus a few household items. the good thing is this downloadable version will take 35 mm film instead of the pricier 120 mm film. the download should be available at Kelly Angood website in a few weeks time.

Kelly Angood via Gizmodo / Red Ferret

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