Toyota FT-86 II Concept get some serious glam studio shots

Toyota FT-86 II Concept studio shoot 544x368px
(credit: Toyota)

Japanese auto makers have been quite low-key in the sports car segment (with the exception of LF-A). as far as Toyota is concerned, we have not seen one (sports car) that has the ‘wow’ factor since the last Toyota Supra Mark IV. unveiled earlier last month at the Geneva Motor Show, was exactly what the auto industry need: the Toyota FT-86 II Concept, a sports car that will have any boy racer’s hearts flutter with excitement. what the public has seen was sort of a ‘preview’ of the new rear-wheel driven sports car that’s “due to enter production in 2012.” Continue reading “Toyota FT-86 II Concept get some serious glam studio shots”

take cycling a notch up the green scale with Re-Cycle

Re-Cycle Cardboard Bike 544x388px
(credit: Firebox) Re-Cycle Cardboard Bike | £14.99 |

cycling as a means of transport is doing the environment a huge favor. now, you can take your cycling a notch up on the green scale with Re-Cycle Cardboard Bike. yeah, you heard it right – it’s a functional bicycle made entirely out of cardboard. this revolutionary self-assembled bike features egg crate as the seat, colorful paper bicycle chain and reinforced corrugated cardboard wheels. seriously, does thing really work? apparently so, as it is said to be able to take a rider weight of up to 50 kg. the Re-Cycle Cardboard Bike cost £14.99 or $24 a pop and is available on Firebox. this is one bike you won’t want to put through any elements at all. the upside is, disposing of the bike will be as easy as crumpling it up and dumping it into the nearest waste bin or a recycling bin (to upkeep your green initiatives). Continue reading “take cycling a notch up the green scale with Re-Cycle”

Better Place’s battery swap gets your EV juiced up in 3 mins

Better Place 544x368px
(credit: Better Place)

long charging duration for electric vehicles is the stumbling block to its adoption. unless you can swap out your battery like you would with a mobile phone. well, Better Place in Israel does exactly that – swapping the low juice battery of the EV for a fresh one, so you can get on with your journey in a snap. the downer is, it is in Israel and it only serves Renault Fluence Z.E. the process is simple: the driver uses a RFID card to access this car wash-looking station, align their car like they would for any auto car wash and the machine will lead the car to the battery swapping spot. the floor underneath car opens up to a pit and the robot below will proceed to swap your juiced out battery for a fresh one – all these are done while you go “hum-ba-dum” as you tap on your steering wheel for about three minutes. not the best solution but it is an intermediary for now before super capacitors or super long lasting battery become a reality. check out the video of the Better Place (with an emotionally-charged soundtrack) in action below. Continue reading “Better Place’s battery swap gets your EV juiced up in 3 mins”

metal coffee beans maintain your coffee at the right temp

Coffee Joulies 544x408px
(credit: Dave & Dave) Coffee Joulies | from US$40.00 |

i am enjoying a cup of coffee as i am posting this. i have an ‘issue’ (regarding coffee) that has been bugging me for a while now. that is, keeping the temperature of the coffee just right. sometimes, coffee fresh out the machine can be pretty burning, so what we do? (no we don’t put ice in them!) we let it sit there and cool off a bit. however, sometimes it get ‘over-cooled’ and the coffee turned cold – like now. damn. that’s not good. isn’t it? looks like i might have find my solution by the way of Coffee Joulies as invented by Dave and Dave. that’s not a typo, but it’s really a dude called Dave and another, also Dave.

basically, these oversized metal coffee beans are “miniature thermodynamic heat storage devices.” when popped into your pipping hot beverage, they cool the hot coffee by absorbing the excess heat. these thermal energy is then stored inside the Joulies. when the coffee reaches the optimum temperature, the Joulies will ‘return’ the heat energy to the coffee, hence keeping the coffee at the right temperature. i’m totally sold. it solves the problem that has been bugging me like forever. that said, i just took the last sip of the cold coffee. that sucks.

Coffee Joulies 544x408px
(credit: Dave & Dave)

Dave & Dave are asking for support for their invention over at Kickstarter and you get your Coffee Joulies by pledging $40 or more. $40 gets you five metal beans. small price to pay for a cup of ideal temperature coffee. no?

Coffee Joulies 544x408px
(credit: Dave & Dave)

Kickstarter via DVICE

would you pay $1200 for a Franck Muller iPhone 4 case?

Franck Muller jackets for iPhone 4 544x311px
(credit: Franck Muller) Franck Muller 20th Anniversary iPhone 4 Jacket | ¥105,000.00 |

marking its 20th anniversary, Swiss luxury watchmaker Franck Muller announced a special series of iPhone 4 cases (actually, Franck Muller called them ‘Jackets’). if you know Franck Muller, you will know these iPhone 4 jackets won’t be any where near affordable. each piece features the theme of time with intricate inter-locking digit motif that span across the entire case. there are a total of six colors to choose from, including two funky colorful version. so what’s the price? each case cost a whopping ¥105,000 which is about US$1,274. ouch. price aside, this case is purely for style-factor and won’t do much on the protection aspect. the Franck Muller 20th Anniversary iPhone 4 Jacket will be offered through Beams in Japan and only 3,000 units will be made available. that makes it 500 units per color type. more images after the break. Continue reading “would you pay $1200 for a Franck Muller iPhone 4 case?”

ECOSSE Moto Works announced its flagship FE Ti XX bike

ECOSSE Moto Works FE Ti XX 544x488px
(credit: ECOSSE Moto Works) ECOSSE Moto Works FE Ti XX | US$300,000.00 |

ECOSSE Moto Works is synonymous with exquisite two-wheelers that are built to the highest exacting standards. having shook the motorcycle world with the world’s most expensive motorcycle before, it is back with a new flagship model that also signals the end of The Heretic run. having been a bike repair tech (a short one, though), i have learnt to appreciate a well designed and quality crafted bike. unfortunately, ECOSSE does not have any more images other the two that i have posted here but i will keep digging for more. in place of images, here’s more information about the FE Ti XX: powered by a 2,409 cc billet engine and specially tuned intake system with an optimized air box, the FE Ti XX puts out an incredible 225 HP to its rear wheel. it also features a brand new, exposed carbon belt drive with hydraulic-clutch actuation which enables for a high torque clutch with less lever force and Grade-9 titanium pipes that has a ceramic, shot-peened finish. Continue reading “ECOSSE Moto Works announced its flagship FE Ti XX bike”

gorgeous 38′ Talbot Lago T150C-SS to go under hammer

1938 Talbot Lago T150C-SS Teardrop Coupe 544x366px
(credit: Auctions) 1938 Talbot Lago T150C-SS Teardrop Coupe | US$auction |

1938 Talbot Lago T150C-SS’s teardrop shape body still looks gorgeous even after more than 70 years. conceived by Figoni & Falaschi, the Talbot Lago’s head turning smooth and sexy curves challenged the otherwise conventional boxy design of that era. this particular fine example here, the 1938 Talbot Lago T150C-SS Teardrop Coupe, was built on a shorter competition-bred (denoted by ‘SS’ & ‘C’ in its model number) Talbot chassis and one of the three that sports a factory fitted sunroof. apparently, this example is one of the only eleven examples with second-series “New-York” Figoni coachwork. hence, you will be hard-pressed to find another that’s so beautifully and painstakingly restored. Continue reading “gorgeous 38′ Talbot Lago T150C-SS to go under hammer”

flex interface will change the way we interact with touchscreen

Flex Interface 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from Witness video)

flex interface does not refers to the physical hardware but it’s more like the interface technology (i.e. software). hence, i reiterate, it has nothing to do with any hardware. in the recent Interaction 2011, Osaka University demoed an innovative interface that will ‘flex’ when scrolled. normally, when we scroll through Google Maps, part of the original content will be out of sight, making way for new content. however, that’s not the case for flex interface which treats the content as a flexible object. when scrolling, part of the content that would otherwise ‘disappear’ are distorted but still remain visible on the display.

if you are a frequent user of Google Maps, you will likely to appreciate this technology. for example, you may want to take a peek at the area beyond the display’s visible area to determine if that’s the location or area that you are looking for. in this aspect, traditional scrolling would requires you to scroll to that portion while the original screen got hidden away. however, with the flex interface, you can now peek around the map while still able to see the part of the map that were originally on the screen. while it may seems like nothing much, but it will save us the hassle of scrolling back and forth the map.

check out the video clip for a short intro and demo by one of the team member.

via DigiInfo TV

turn your iSight into a security camera with Witness App

Witness App 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from Witness video) Witness App for Mac | US$39.00 |

with an annual turnover of US$3.1 billion for the burgling industry, you can’t be too lax when it comes to home property protection, isn’t it? if you own an iSight-equipped Mac and it’s sitting at home doing nothing while you are away. why not make it perform some security duty? Witness is a Mac app that will turn your iSight into a motion-activated security camera. in the event of an intrusion, the Witness immediately sends an alert to your iOS device along with the intruder’s mugshots and video. the Witness is available for Mac OS X 10.6 or higher for $39.

a free app, Witness Remote, also allows you to remotely arm or disarm your Witness on your home Mac. user can also access the website to stay on top of the happenings in your home, office or dorm room. i have one concern though. when iSight is activated, a tiny green light will appear next to your iSight. in that case, any burglar who has knowledge of newer Mac would notice it, don’t they? well, it’s just a thought.

Orbicule via CrunchGear

unleash 100 rubber bands with this rubber band gatling gun

Rubber Band Gatling Gun 544x308px
Rubber Band Gatling Gun | US$499.00 |

when you were a kid, you probably had one of those rubber band firing hand gun. now that we have all grown up, we deserve something better than a single shot rubber gun. well, this is exactly what the Rubber Band Gatling Gun does. it can unload all its 100 rubber bands (one at a time, of course) on your unsuspecting target as fast as your hand can crank. yes, it does reminds us of the Gatling Gun of the yesteryear where cranking is required. machined out of mainly solid billet aluminum and power coated, this weapon of choice for any rubber band battle shoots size 64 rubber bands and it is safe enough for point-blank shooting. it’s just for your info, not that we encourage you to do that. catch this beautiful piece of toy in action in the video after the jump. in case, you feel that the fire power is lacking, you can request Gadgets and Gears for longer barrels which will boost its rubber-fire power.

you can get yours for a cool $499 from Gadgets and Gears. it is also worthy to note that this is a custom-built toy which would requires a two week lead time. at least, you know where the $499 goes.

UPDATE [May 15, 2014; 4:50PM PST] not exactly closely related to this post, but still somewhat related. we thought you guys might be interested in coupons and deals these folks are offering. go check them out.

Rubber Band Gatling Gun 640x480px

Rubber Band Gatling Gun 640x480px

Rubber Band Gatling Gun 640x480px

Rubber Band Gatling Gun 640x480px

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