turn your iPad 2 into an oversized Game Boy-lookalike

Lootiful Game Boy-style iPad 2 case 544x388px
(credit: LOOTIFUL) LOOTIFUL Game Boy case for iPad 2 | US$tba | lootiful.com

still miss your old school Game Boy handheld? well, fret not my friend. LOOTIFUL, a Massachusetts-based company is offering cases that will make your iOS devices looks like a Game Boy. well, it will look like one from the back of the device. granted Game Boy-style case isn’t new for iPhone or even iPod Touch, but coming soon from LOOTIFUL is the Game Boy-style case for your iPad 2, simply dubbed iPWN!. if you love to pretend that your modern day iPad 2 is an old school handheld game machine (albeit, an oversized one), this is the case for you. however, there is no word on its price or the exact availability of the case at this point. the image you see above is a render of the would-be product. if you can’t wait for it, perhaps you can grab yourself a more ‘regular’ version for iPhone 4 which cost just $17.99 a pop. Continue reading “turn your iPad 2 into an oversized Game Boy-lookalike”

Elecom JAGUCHI Stand for smartphones and tablets

Elecom JAGUCHI Stand 544x338px
(credit: Elecom) Elecom JAGUCHI Stand | ¥tba | www.elecom.co.jp

what looks like a faucet magically floating in the air and pouring water is actually the latest smartphone/tablet stand from Elecom. the JAGUCHI (Japanese for faucet) as it is called, is the 5th Elecom collaboration with the Tokyo-based design studio, Nendo. the “ripples” not only adds to its realism but also doubles as a ‘barrier’ to prevent the device from sliding off when leaning on the ‘faucet’. the concept of this design is to come up with something that will also look nice when not in use. well, in that respect, i think Elecom JAGUCHI has succeeded. Continue reading “Elecom JAGUCHI Stand for smartphones and tablets”

Saitek PRO Flight Cessna Bundle with Free Switch Panel

Saitek PRO Flight Cessna Bundle 544x677px
(image credit: Saitek) Saitek PRO Flight Cessna Bundle with Free Switch Panel | US$449.99 | www.saitek.com

any flying enthusiast will agree that the next best thing to the real deal is flight simulator on our PC machines but that wouldn’t be complete with a solid set of flight yoke and rudder pedals. the new officially licensed Saitek PRO Flight Cessna should put a smile on any flying enthusiast’s face. the PRO Flight Cessna consists of the flight yoke, a set of rudder pedals, and trim wheel control panel – all which are modeled in accurate 1:1 scale after the real stuff as found on the Cessna 172 / 182 aircraft. in addition to replicating the look of the real flight control, the yoke also features extra hard buttons, including a point-of-view hat switch. the yoke has a full 90 degree of turning and an integrated USB hub for connecting other parts from the Saitek Pro Flight range of products, such as the PRO Flight Throttle Quadrant. Continue reading “Saitek PRO Flight Cessna Bundle with Free Switch Panel”

Darth Vader Meet the Maker Holiday 2011 Deluxe Mini Bust

Darth Vader Meet the Maker Holiday 2011 Deluxe Mini Bust 544x308px
(image credit: Gentle Giant) Darth Vader Meet the Maker Holiday 2011 Deluxe Mini Bust | US$75.00 (pre-order) | www.gentlegiantltd.com

Gentle Giant has announced the availability of the Darth Vader Meet the Maker Holiday 2011 Deluxe Mini Bust for 2011 premier guild members. the bust is sculptured based on LucasFilm holiday greeting card that features the dark sith releasing a white dove. yea, i know it’s kind of ironical cos’ white dove is usually associated with peace and loving, but the Darth Vader is anything but that. luckily, it has an interchangeable hand that doesn’t hold the symbol of peace. this deluxe version also includes another interchangeable hand holding C3-PO’s disembodied head. along with it, is a Dark Horse comic-inspired “Thank the Maker” story from Star Wars Tales #6 that tells of how the ever-chattering golden droid friend ended up on Vader’s hand. Continue reading “Darth Vader Meet the Maker Holiday 2011 Deluxe Mini Bust”

NeinGrenze 5000T – tilt-shift is its second nature

NeinGrenze 5000T Digital Camera 544x360px
(image credit: Photojojo) NeinGrenze 5000T Digital Camera | US$149.00 | www.neingrenze.com

i can’t believe we let this slip past us when it was announced last November. but i guess this kind of occasional slippage happens. personally, i love tilt-shift photography but none of my cameras have this function. so what i did to get the effect? photoshop! but then that’s pretty time consuming, and sometime not as realistically unreal. then again, i wouldn’t want to splurge on real tilt-shift equipment that could cost me an arm and a leg but lucky for me, there’s a much affordable (way affordable) alternative – the NeinGrenze 5000T Digital Camera. tilt-shift is its second nature and to top it off, it can also perform post-processing effects like Tunnet and Lomo type texture. Continue reading “NeinGrenze 5000T – tilt-shift is its second nature”

custom Viewmaster wedding invites cost $2,800

Viewmaster Invitations 544x688px
(credit: Jen Huang/Mélangerie Inc.) Viewmaster Invitation, Qty 50 | from US$2,800.00 | www.melangerienyc.com

we love all things novel and cool, and that’s perhaps why this Viewmaster Invitation caught our eyes. created by New York-based design consultancy, Mélangerie Inc., the invites use a nostalgic Viewmaster with custom picture reel to put forward your big day invites to family and friends. all you are required to do is provide Mélangerie Inc. with seven high-res images (and details, plus payment) for them to compile into a picture reel. of course, the images will include a brief text on them to announce your invitation. Continue reading “custom Viewmaster wedding invites cost $2,800”

Draper Media Console: 50s-style console for your turntable

Draper Media Console 544x588px
(credit: via Urban Outfitters) Draper Media Console | US$249.00 | www.urbanoutfitters.com

still holding on to your turnable and vinyl records? then this Draper Media Console should let your old school media feel right at home. it has a upper shelf level for your lovely turnable, complete with a hinged top for easy access and a generous compartment for your vinyl record collections. if you ask me, this is where turntable should be, and not some modern furniture pieces. even more perfect if you already has 50s-style setup at home, else you can always grab more vintage style furniture for your interior decoration needs over at the Urban Outfitters. Continue reading “Draper Media Console: 50s-style console for your turntable”

limited edition Bally Meets Herman Miller Eames Chair

Limited edition Bally Meets Herman Miller Eames Chair 544x388px
(credit: Bally via Openers) Limited edition Bally Meets Herman Miller Eames Chair | US$auction | www.openers.com

chair is the last thing you would have expected from designer shoes maker Bally but that’s exactly what it has. however, Bally isn’t alone in the creation of this chair. marking its 160th anniversary, it has teamed up with award-winning interior furnishing firm Herman Miller to create a limited edition Eames shell chair. the chair’s seat is of plastic and features foldable wooden legs. the otherwise overly minimalist white plastic seat is adorned with an eye-catching red twin stripes, an iconic Bally branding, while a Bally logo metal plate appears at the back of the chair. Continue reading “limited edition Bally Meets Herman Miller Eames Chair”

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals by Originals JS SLM Bowling

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals by Originals JS SLM Bowling 544x338px
(credit: adidas via Hypebeast) Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals by Originals JS SLM Bowling | US$146.00

if you are familiar with footwear touched by Jeremy Scott, you’d be surprised by his latest collaboration with adidas Originals by Originals – they are overly minimalist and bears a very old-school feel. it has the look of bowling sneakers which is perhaps why it is called JS SLM Bowling. continuing the bowling sneakers theme is the two colors theme: red on the outer side, while blue adorned the inner side of the shoes, while perforations assumed the place of the usual iconic three stripes of Adidas. the whole retro-feel is completed with the gum rubber outsoles. the Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals by Originals JS SLM Bowling are available now through selected retailers for around $146 a pair. a few more look of this sleek sneakers after the break. Continue reading “Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals by Originals JS SLM Bowling”

Panasonic new 3D glasses claims the lightest in the world

Panasonic 3D Glasses TY-EW3D 544x311px
(credit: Panasonic) Panasonic 3D Glasses TY-EW3D | ¥tba | panasonic.co.jp

Panasonic claimed that its latest 3D glasses are the “world’s lightest”, weighing in at just 26-grams (0.92-ounces) for its small and medium size glasses, while the large model weighs in at 27-grams (0.95-ounces). in fact, they are not much lighter than those currently on the market. its large model weighs just 1-gram less than the much more fashionable LG item announced earlier this year. the glasses also boast a quick charge function that gives user up to 3-hours worth of usage for a quick two-minutes charge, where else a full charge of 30-minutes give you up to 25-hours of usage. Continue reading “Panasonic new 3D glasses claims the lightest in the world”