incredible AT-AT Halloween costume for dog, Bones Mello

Bone Mello in AT-AT Costume 900x900px
(photos: Bones Mello)

what you see here is perhaps the most awesome Halloween costume for a dog. the owner of this Italian Greyhound, named Bones Mello, Katie M. created this one of the kind AT-AT costume for her lovely dog and as you can see from the photos, it is one heck of a costume for a dog which leaves us little to talk narrate about but to invite you to take a look at a few more images of this, again, awesome creation. hmm, is Bones thrilled? i can’t really tell. oh, Bones even has its own Facebook page. believe it. Continue reading “incredible AT-AT Halloween costume for dog, Bones Mello”

expensive Red Epic camera gets a lift from OM-Copter

OMSTUDIOS OM-copter 900x500px
(photos: screenshot from Vimeo video)

radio control helicopters and aircrafts with onboard camera are nothing new but a flying contraption with a $60k camera slung underneath it, is definitely the first that we have seen and we consider it as an incredible brave act. come on, why wouldn’t it consider a brave act when a $60K RED Epic camera is slung underneath a radio control flying machine with eight tiny motors driving eight not-so-big propellers? that’s what exactly German special effect firm, OMSTUDIOS did and you can witness it in the video after the break. apparently, the folks over at the OMSTUDIOS designed this machine to take the place of crane for shooting from the air. the OM-Copter, as it is called, is capable of soaring up to 150 meters into the sky for aerial shots. sounds like a pretty good idea but i hope the creator has packed enough circuitry and gyros to take the beating from the winds when this thing goes higher up into the sky. Continue reading “expensive Red Epic camera gets a lift from OM-Copter”

Küat Racks Bike Lock disguises itself as a water bottle

Kuat Racks Bike Lock 900x560px
(photos: Küat Innovations) Küat Racks Bike Lock | US$34.00 |

style conscious cyclists will no doubt be concerned by how typical bike lock tends to tarnish the look of their otherwise sleek bike but not too worry, cos’ the newly announced Küat Racks Bike Lock is here to solve your woes. if aesthetic is all you are concerned with, then this bike lock disguised as a water bottle should do the trick. that’s assuming that aesthetic precedes security as this bike lock’s 5-feet long, 8-mm braided steel cable won’t do do any good if meet with its arch nemesis, the cable cutter. further, pretty aesthetic is only when you have the bike lock coiled up into the fake water bottle cos’ snaking cables were never a pretty sight. Continue reading “Küat Racks Bike Lock disguises itself as a water bottle”

have you heard? FaceBook iPad App is finally out

Facebook iPad App 900x888px
(photos: Facebook)

ever since the first generation iPad came into the market, i have been waiting for the official Facebook app for it. i guess my wait has just ended this week when Facebook officially (and finally) announced its Facebook App for iPad. being the official app for the world’s most used social networking site, it is natural for the app to be fully optimized for iPad, which include the use of multitouch functionality to navigate the social networking site. that means, you can now use pinch to zoom, swiping and tap action to navigates through your Facebook. Continue reading “have you heard? FaceBook iPad App is finally out”

Double Exposure Digi Cam – tiny digital lo-fi photography

MINIMO Double Exposure Digi Cam 900x600px
(photos: Photojojo) MINIMO Double Exposure Digi Cam | US$130.00 |

the anticipation that leads to anxiety associated with lo-fi analog photography is pretty much tormenting but yet, we can’t forgo our love for lo-fi photography effects like vignetting, super saturation and of course, double exposures – a trickery that can only be done faithfully by film camera or Photoshop wizardry. that’s where the Double Exposure Digi Cam comes into the picture – it combines the fun of lo-fi analog camera’s double exposures with the instant satisfaction of a digital camera. it’s kind of like the best of both worlds for casual lo-fi shutterbugs. apart from that, the camera is perfectly capable of single exposure and the good old lo-fi photography effects like vignetting and super saturated color. Continue reading “Double Exposure Digi Cam – tiny digital lo-fi photography”

Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger – charges while you pedal

Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger 800x500px
(photos: Thanko) Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger | ¥1,980.00 |

if pedaling a two-wheeler is your primary means of transport then here’s a nifty accessory for your bike that should keep your power hungry mobile devices juiced up while you are pedaling your way to wherever you may go. meet the Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger, a dynamo with USB output port that can keep your mobile device juiced as you pedal on. this contraption consists of three parts, the dynamo that mounts to the front or rear fork of your bicycle, the charging unit with the USB port, and a mobile device holder that can be secured to your bicycle’s handle bar. Continue reading “Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger – charges while you pedal”

Fender Eric Clapton Series Amplifiers – Slow Hand Made

Fender EC Signature Series Amps 900x600px
(photos: Fender) Fender Eric Clapton Series Amplifiers | from US$1399.99 |

in its first ever collaboration with an artiste, Fender has teamed up with rock/blues legend Eric Clapton to introduce the Eric Clapton Signature Amplifiers or EC series amp, in short. the three amps in the series, the EC Twinolux, EC Tremolux and EC Vibro-Champ are built by hand to the exact specifications of Clapton and are based on Fender’s original 50s-era amps, the 57′ Twin, 57′ Deluxe and 57′ Champ. drawing its inspiration from its good old ancestors, these amps are armed with 50s era output tube bias tremolo which is said to give more ‘throbbing pulse’ than the modern iterations, and a switchable power attenuator. other premium features include finger-joined solid pine cabinet for a warm tone, a lacquered tweed covering with vintage brownish gold grille cloth and finally, a leather handle tops up the package. with such premium features and a big name like Eric Clapton in the mix, you know these amps aren’t going to be regular priced. so if you want one, then be prepared to shell out $1,399.99 for the EC Vibro-Champ, $2,799.99 for the EC Tremolux and a hefty $4,199.99 for the top of the line EC Twinolux. Continue reading “Fender Eric Clapton Series Amplifiers – Slow Hand Made”

McIntosh 50th Anniversary MC275 Tube Amplifier

McIntosh 50th Anniversary MC275 Tube Amplifier 900x550px
(photos: McIntosh) McIntosh 50th Anniversary MC275 Tube Amplifier | US$6,500.00 |

before the days of complex digital circuitry, audio purist praises the pureness that the tube amp brings about. it said that gives a true warm sound and the good news for these discerning folks is, that warm sound is making a 21st century comeback in the form of this limited edition McIntosh 50th Anniversary MC275 Tube Amplifier. slated to be released this December, this gold hue chassis tube amp features a tube circuit design hailed from the 1961 but with some modern touches such as a multicolored LED display, a High Speed Sentry Monitor circuit that automatically turn off the amp if any tube gets worn, and a power control input and output. Continue reading “McIntosh 50th Anniversary MC275 Tube Amplifier”

ZOTAC ZBOX Nano VD01 – affordable palm size media PC

ZOTAC ZBOX Nano VD01 900x600px
ZOTAC ZBOX Nano VD01 | US$tba |

i am not quite sure if media center PC has anymore steam in them but anyhow, apparently ZOTAC, the maestro for mini-PC, thinks so. it has recently announced its latest addition to its ZBOX Nano product lineup, dubbed the ZBOX Nano VD01 series. at the heart of this palm-sized PC is a 1.2 GHz dual-core VIA Nano X2 U4025 processor and VX900H media system processor that are said to offer outstanding performance and energy-efficiency. thanks to its power graphic crunching from VIA Chrome9 graphics with ChromotionHD 2.0 processing engine, the ZBOX Nano VD01 offers “silky-smooth” playback for high-definition video formats that include Blu-ray, MPEG2, H.264, and VC-1. despite its wee size, expansion capabilities are not sacrificed. it still has space to include a 2.5-inch SATA drive (or SSD, if your prefer), and DDR3 SO-DIMM RAM module. Continue reading “ZOTAC ZBOX Nano VD01 – affordable palm size media PC”

Corvette Boat – love for car transcends terrain, into the water

2012 ZR48 MTI Boat 800x500px
(photos: Pier 57) 2012 ZR48 MTI Boat | US$1.7 million |

you know what they say about love transcends languages, races or whatever. it couldn’t be more true in this instant. just take a look at this beautiful example here: a boat themed after the ZR1 Corvette that is built from parts acquired from GM dealers, complete with styling that is unmistakably Corvette. this fine example here, the ZR48 as it is called, comes equipment with a duo of force-induction Mercury Marine V8 power plants that put out 1,350 horses (1,007 kW) each and have an interior that can accommodate up to six, and still looking like an authentic C6 cockpit. with a total of 2,700 horses on the tap, deafening roars from engine could be a problem but not for this gorgeous as its 8,000 watt sound system, along with an Apple TV and mobile WiFi, will see to it that your in-boat entertainment will overshadow the power roars. Continue reading “Corvette Boat – love for car transcends terrain, into the water”