EOL maglev train concept: the future of mass rapid transit

EOL Maglev Train Concept main 544px
(image credit: Vanja Valencak)

maglev concept isn’t new but one that looks this gorgeous in the form of a mass rapid transit system is few and far between. dreamt up by designer Vanja Valencak, the EOL maglev train concept uses magnetic for levitation and propulsion – propelling this sleek mass transportation of the future to an excess of 480 km/h. the concept train’s solar panel roofing and its magnetic technology provides this mass transportation system with a sustainable solution too. it all sound so sweet, even though the interior space appears to be more claustrophobic to our liking. it’s even more sweeter to see the mock-up images, speaking of which, you can check them out below. Continue reading “EOL maglev train concept: the future of mass rapid transit”

kinect-hack: swim the web instead of surfing the web

SwimBrowser demo screenshot 544x408px
(credit: screenshot by mike)

kinetic must be the favorite among hackers. i mean its motion sensing technology has huge potential (other than gaming…) and this one is called the SwimBrowser which is a natural interaction web browser made for the 2011 PrimeSense/OpenNI developer challenge. its a weird name but it does garner attention after all. in anyway, user browses the net by motion similar to swimming strokes, hence the name SwimBrowser – swimming googles is optional. Continue reading “kinect-hack: swim the web instead of surfing the web”

now you can paint on your iPad the Nomad Paintbrush way

Nomad Paintbrush main 544x311px
(image credit: Nomad Brush) Nomad Paintbrush Stylus | US$24.00 | www.nomadbrush.com

who would have dream that one day we would stop using our fingers to paint on our iPad? well, the dream is no more with Nomad Paintbrush which sport a mix of both conductive and natural fibers at the end of its walnut and carbon shaft. it can be used with apps like Artrage, Brushes, Auryn Ink and Zen Brush but i guess no harm giving the brush a go with other apps. as with all things that resemble the real-world or traditional counterpart – don’t get it mixed up with the real paint-dipping brushes or you will just ruin a perfectly good iPad brush.

the Nomad Paintbrush Stylus retails for $24 and its available on Nomad Brush web store.

images horizontal 544x38px

Nomad Paintbrush image1 680x260px Nomad Paintbrush image2 680x260px Nomad Paintbrush image3 680x260px Nomad Paintbrush image4 680x260px Nomad Paintbrush image5 680x260px

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Michael Schratt talked about US govt’s black budget aircrafts

Project Camelot Michael Schratt black budget aircraft 544px
(credit: screenshot by mike)

this is actually second installment of Project Camelot Productions‘ interview with Michael Schratt (click here to catch Part One of the interview), entitled Code Blue. Michael Schratt, self-professed aerospace historian talked about UFO, above top secret and so-called US government’s black budget aircraft. in this lengthy interview by Kerry Cassidy, Michael stressed that most of the so-called UFO sightings might have been some top secret government aircrafts and if this is so, he hopes that these future tech that the government possessed could be be declassified and the technologies shared to improve humanity’s life. wow. running through the video, Michael picked up a few examples of the probable black project aircrafts, some seems to be really technologically mind-boggling, while some were just plain weird or alien-like. go ahead and catch the video after the break, but be warned, this video interview will take an hour and eleven minutes of your life away. Continue reading “Michael Schratt talked about US govt’s black budget aircrafts”

get ready for Transformer 3 with the Transformer 3D masks

Transformer 3D Mask from Hasbro/Real-D 544x588px
(image credit: Hasbro/Real-D)

things that marketeers are willing to embarked on to make sure consumers are getting in the swing with their products. case in point: a Transformer 3D masks in the guised of either Optimus Prime or Bumble Bee with working Real-D 3D lenses integrated into them is making their way to the stores. the masks are the results of the collaboration between toy giant Hasbro and Real-D, in hope that movie-goers will have a more immersive 3D experience while catching Transformer 3 this July. it will be a ‘half-face’ mask, thus making sure you still can enjoy your popcorn while you are at the movie. the masks will go on sale this May and cost $9.99 a pop, which you can reuse it for most 3D movies. oh, did i mention that its for kids only? what a downer, isn’t it? i was so looking forward to it.


you have croc skin bag, why not a croc skin tiled bathroom?

Petracer Savana Collection main 544x480px
the sign of luxury doesn’t necessary means gold, diamonds and all sparkling stuff (sparkling wine included), it could very well be crocodile skins. why not? croc skins has been used for making bags, so how about porting its use in the form of crocodile textured bathroom tiles? the Savana collection from Italian firm, Petracer has just that for you and perhaps more. well, you don’t need to restrict yourself to just croc skin textured tiles, perhaps you like to consider the authentic looking zebra tiles or maybe for the wild-at-heart, the leopard print tiles? once you don up your bath with such a savanna-them, it is time to get some real savanna plants and flowers to go with it. we have a particular love for the orange crocodile skin textured tiles, cos we think they look really wild – just like us.

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Cubelets robotic construction kit is the toy i wish i had

Modular Robotics Cubelets main 544px
(image credit: Modular Robotics) Cubelets Modular Robotic Blocks | U$300.00 | www.modrobotics.com

the Cubelets is a robot construction kit developed by Modular Robotics, a spin-off from Carnegie Mellon University, which lets you construct your own robot using a combination of task-orientated robotic cubes. essentially, there are three categories of robotic cubes in this kit, namely the action blocks, sense blocks and the think/utility blocks. for example, snapping an action block like the drive unit, with a sense block such as the distance sensor unit and a battery from the think/utility block, gets you a robot that moves when the sensor detects your hand moving towards it. of course, with a bit of creativity, you could get a more a complex bot going. check out the teaser video on it works after the break.

currently, the beta test kit of 100 units are sold out but it will be back soon and has a retail price of $300. not exactly cheap but i guess the hours of fun you will have with this hi-tech toy far outweigh its price tag. well, at least it is to me. blame it on my love for toys and geeky gadgets. for $300 you will get a standard kit consisting of 20 blocks from all three categories of function essential for you to start building your own robots. recommended age for this robotic toy kit is 8 years and up. damn. why didn’t i have such cutting edge toys when i was a kid? all i had was green toy soldiers just like the ones you see in Toy Story.

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Smart Forspeed Concept gets an ‘e-nitrous’ boost

Smart Forspeed Concept main 544x386px
(image credit: Daimler/SMART)

ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, Smart unveils its concept performance EV in the form of the Forspeed. the intriguing part of the Forspeed is has, or rather it does not have what most cars have – its missing a roof, side windows, external door handles and it has a low wind reflector in place of the traditional windscreen. Continue reading “Smart Forspeed Concept gets an ‘e-nitrous’ boost”

semi-sub beckons you to explore the underwater world

Raonhaje EGO semi-submersible main 544x311px
(image credit: Raonhaje)

yet another cool transport that is destined to be in the rich’s marinas or some tourist spot. Raonhaje ‘EGO’ is a fully-electric semi-submersible boat (i wouldn’t call it submarine) that allows pilot to operate with minimal training. instead of a throttle lever like on a traditional boat, EGO has pedal acceleration just like you would find on a car. Continue reading “semi-sub beckons you to explore the underwater world”

forget the cubicles, plexiglas bubbles are the future

Pons + Huot office space main 544px
(image credit: Christian Pottgiesser Architects) a giant work desk dominates the general office area

when it comes to office spaces, not many designers can really think out of the box. what we usually see is the common monotonous low partition walls or at best, it will be an open concept system. however, the offices of PONS + HUOT really opens our eyes with its open-spaciousness and yet providing each employee with a personal space, less the traditional partitions.

designed by French firm Christian Pottgiesser Architects, the PONS + HUOT general workspace centers on a enormous wooden desk that links up the members of the company. providing the member the retreat of a personal space is a space-age looking clear plexiglas bubbles dotted around the enormous desk.

Pons + Huot office space - chill out anyone? 544px
(image credit: Christian Pottgiesser Architects) Pons + Huot office – chill out, anyone?

the enormous desk not only let employee has a sense of connection between them but also gives each member a good useable real estate for them to work around. something which a cubicle-bound staff would fully appreciate. like Oh Gizmo!’s Liszewski, i’m thankful that my days of cubicle are over.

Pons + Huot office space - rendering 544px
(image credit: Christian Pottgiesser Architects) Pons + Huot office – a render of the interior design

compensating for the lack of external views, the PONS + HUOT office creates its very own environment by the way of trees with high canopy littered around the giant work desk. what’s even more impressive is this huge workspace is actually located above a meeting area and a staff member chill out area. effectively, making the workspace a loft area environment which looks to be very inviting (i know, i feel kind of odd saying that).

images horizontal 544x38px

Pons + Huot office space 460px Pons + Huot office space - chill out area 460px Pons + Huot office space - corridor 460px Pons + Huot office space - meeting room 460px Pons + Huot office space - a view of what's above and beneath 460px ons + Huot office space - plexiglas bubbles littered around the huge work desk 588px Pons + Huot office space - the meeting room 588px Pons + Huot office space - note the access to the lower level 588px Pons + Huot office space 588px

Christian Pottgiesser Architects (FR) via Oh Gizmo!