Top New Gadgets For Content Creators

Everyone can be a content creator today. Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, it is easy to advertise your work and attract a large audience. The same can be said for video sharing platforms such as YouTube. The tools you use to produce great content should never impose limitation to your creative process. A great content creator can produce appealing and engaging content using most gadgets available today; some YouTubers even rely on nothing but their iPhone to produce great videos. That said, there are some interesting new gadgets that make producing great content easier.

ReMarkable E-ink Tablet
ReMarkable E-ink Tablet
There aren’t that many graphic tablets that let you draw or sketch the way you would on a paper pad. ReMarkable E-ink Tablet is one of the best on the market when it comes to delivering that organic, almost analog paper feel. As the name suggests, ReMarkable uses an e-ink display panel similar to the one used by Amazon’s Kindle series. On top of the display panel, lies a touch-sensitive layer that works really well with the included pen.

ReMarkable may not be the most feature-packed tablet on the market, but it does one thing really well. You get a genuine paper-like feel when writing or drawing on this tablet. It also offers good battery life and a simple interface that doesn’t get in the way. We are seeing some of the best content creators using this tablet to produce remarkable work. Check out @pinot on Twitter to see how this e-ink tablet can be used to produce some amazing works of art.

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Storage is often a big issue for content creators, especially for those making videos and taking high-resolution photos. The issue is even trickier to solve when you’re traveling, since you don’t always have the large drives you normally use to back up photos and videos with you. GNARBOX aims to solve that issue and offer so much more to its users. It is an external drive that you can use on the fly. There is an SD and microSD port on the device, along with a USB 3.0 port and a microUSB port.

You can also connect to GNARBOX wirelessly. Using the provided app – available on Android and iOS – you can then edit full-resolution 4K videos almost automatically. GNARBOX will handle the heavy lifting and you can post videos to Instagram Stories or YouTube on the spot. Even industry professionals such as the creative people at appreciate the features offered by GNARBOX when it comes to creating content on the fly. It is a must-have gadget if you travel a lot and you want to be able to store, edit, and export high-quality content.

Sony RX0
Sony DSC-RX0 Action Camera
The Sony RX0 is a unique camera; one that will change the way you record videos entirely. It is an action camera with proper protection against the elements. However, you don’t get that classic super-wide-angle lens and low video quality. In exchange, the Sony RX0 offers superb video, a sharp lens for capturing all the details, and high framerate capabilities only larger professional cameras offer. It also records 4K videos and captures high-resolution photos for your Instagram feed.

It’s compatible with most accessories for action cameras too. You can simply carry the RX0 in your pocket and be ready for the best moments on your trip. How cool is that?