Fancy some virtual skydiving with Google Earth?

Demo Slam Google Earth Skydiving 544px
(screenshot from YouTube video)

if you have always wanted to have a go with skydiving but lacks the nerve to do it then how about a less-risky Google Earth skydiving? all you need is to agree to be slung, while putting on the gear that looks like you are heading on to a real dive off a plane at 20,000 feet high is optional. we do advise safety google as a precautionary measure. to add to the realism, you can grab a group of others to throw some wind up against you for the effect of free falling down.

the above scenario was what a group of Japanese did, skydiving the Google Earth way. these guys rigged up a projector that projects the Google Earth down onto the floor and had two dudes slung above it while zooming the Google Map, simulating a freefall. much like a virtual skydiving stunt. pretty cool if you think about it. current indoor skydiving experience is cool, but if you can simulate the Earth down below – that would be way more awesome.

check out the video below. it’s pretty convincing except for the dudes’ shadow. well, there’s always room for improvement.

via Akihabara News

Hard Graft gives us a new multi-functioning leather bag

Hardgraft 3Fold img1 544px
(image credit: Hard Graft) Hard Graft 3Fold Multi-use Bag | €589.00 |

i have a bag that fits the iPad, its a ‘Postman Bag’ which i got it a while back from Western Australia, then i have several other bags for short trips and laptops. and as you would imagine, i have shelf loads of bags. it would be great if i have just one that could convert to suit my different needs. in comes the new Hard Graft 3Fold Multi-Use Bag. as the name suggest, the leather bag has multiple usage – it’s a laptop bag, an overnighter and a portfolio bag – all in one bag. Continue reading “Hard Graft gives us a new multi-functioning leather bag”

innovative furniture: original functioning NES controller coffee table

10up Deluxe NES Controller Coffee Table 544px
(image credit: screenshot from YouTube video)

feeling nostalgic about 8-bit gaming? if you are old enough to recall the beloved 8-bit NES gaming console, you will be familiar with the original NES controllers aka the joypad. you know the rectangle grey block with D-pad, buttons and all? this guys over at 10up Deluxe felt so passionate about it that they decided to create a coffee table in the form of the joypad and better yet, it is a functioning joypad! Continue reading “innovative furniture: original functioning NES controller coffee table”

Toyota iQ-based electric car to be mass-produced by 2012

Toyota iQ Electric Vehicle img1 544px
(image credit: Toyota)

at the recent Eco-Products 2010, Toyota Motor Corp showcased a prototype electric vehicle (EV) based on its iQ mini car. powering the four-seater iQ electric vehicle is an electric motor producing 47kW and 163Nm of torque. pretty decent torque level for an electric car, not to mention for such a petite car. the maximum speed of the iQ electric vehicle is 125 km/h and it will take 14 seconds for it to reach 100 km/h mark from stand still. Continue reading “Toyota iQ-based electric car to be mass-produced by 2012”

sWaP Rebel multi-function watch is a watch spies dream of

sWaP Rebel watch img1 544px
(image credit: sWaP) sWaP Rebel Watch | £189.99 |

the sWaP Rebel beats all the dual-function watches we featured here last month, hands down. the sWaP Rebel will definitely have James Bond-wannabe drooling all over. granted it may not be the Omega that has a laser that cuts through steel but it has more functions packed in to more than make up for the lack of laser. Continue reading “sWaP Rebel multi-function watch is a watch spies dream of”

HKS-branded hybrid game controller for racing games

Eagle3 HKS Racing Controller 544px
(image credit: EAGLE3) HKS Racing Controller | US$44.99 |

the usual form of control for racing game on playstation 3 is via the Sixaxis or Dualshock 3 controller, or for those who has deeper pockets, it would be the gaming steering wheel. for those who are not ready to splurge on a steering wheel, fortunately, there is the HKS Racing Controller, which fills in the gap between a stock controller and a full-fledge gaming steering wheel.

the HKS Racing Controller is born out of a collaboration between the California-based peripheral maker, Eagle3 and the legendary Japanese automotive racing modification company, HKS. with a 37 years old history, HKS is synonymous with racing and it couldn’t get any more appropriate then to brand the controller under HKS Racing. the form and shape of the HKS Racing Controller resembles the DualShock 3 controller and spots the familiar R1/R2, L1/L2 trigger buttons but that’s where the similarity ends. Continue reading “HKS-branded hybrid game controller for racing games”

Sharp Shooter to please fans of PS3 shooter games

Sony Playstation Sharp Shooter Gun Attachment 544px
(image credit: Sony) Sony Sharp Shooter | US$40.00 |

playstation 3 shooter game fans looking to improve their game play experience can probably get this soon-to-be released gun attachment for Sony playstation MOVE motion controller and navigation controller. personally, i thought it looks a little less realistic than the ICON Playstation 3 MOVE Battle Rifle, but if sub-machine guns are you’re kind of thing, then Sharp Shooter might be your weapon of choice. Continue reading “Sharp Shooter to please fans of PS3 shooter games”

Yamaha introduces slim sound bar with HDMI 1.4a

Yamaha YSP2200 Sound Bar img1 544px
(image credit: Yamaha) Yamaha YSP2200 Sound Bar | US$999.95 |

Yamaha proves that a powerful sound system shouldn’t takes up a whole lot of space with its slimline YSP2200 sound bar. measuring just 50mm thick or should i say thin, these sound bar will spot 16 micro-drivers. the package comes with a 137mm tall subwoofer which can be placed either horizontally or vertically. what can i say, even the sub is non-obtrusive. Continue reading “Yamaha introduces slim sound bar with HDMI 1.4a”

C60 Redux lets you touch your music once again

IDEO C6 Redux Music Player img5 544px
(image credit: i miss my pencil)

remember those days when we used to physically put our music to play? be it a 8-track tape, a vinyl record, a cassette tape or (more recently) CD. with the revolution of digital music, i can’t remember the last time i have handled another physical media to play my music. with the physical feel being missed, this guys over at IDEO came up with a working concept to put touches back to your music.

the C60 Redux is basically a music player with loads of RFID readers in it (to be precise, underneath it). the concept, shaped like a square-off vinyl, plays the music associated with the music card embedded with two RFID tags. to play the music, all you have to do is placed the music card onto the C60 platter and the music will start. you are able to place a few music cards on the platter, and it will churn out the music in clockwise sequence.

novelty? perhaps, but if the C60 makes into the market, i want to one. it is true that click and play does get boring sometimes. on top that, i am sure it will put some fun back into listening music.

IDEO C6 Redux Music Player img6 544px
(image credit: i miss my pencil)

IDEO C6 Redux Music Player img4 544px
(image credit: i miss my pencil)

c60 Redux from IDEO on Vimeo.

Jawbone JAMBOX gives small package a big sound

Jawbone JAMBOX Bluetooth Speaker Red Dot 544px
Jawbone JAMBOX Portable Bluetooth Speaker | US$199.99 |

new from the maker of Bluetooth headsets, Jawbone, is a portable Bluetooth speaker dubbed JAMBOX. Jawbone promised to deliver the biggest sound in a smallest package with the JAMBOX. the JAMBOX touted an output capacity of 85 decibels (dB) which measures somewhere between a motorcycle and a rock concert sound level. you get the idea how big the sound is. the JAMBOX features a pair of proprietary acoustic drivers which are capable of producing “extreme high (tweeter) and low (woofer) frequencies from a single, ultra-small dome speaker” and a proprietary moving-wall passive bass radiator. all these goodies are enclosed in an airtight enclosure constructed out of stainless steel and industrial-weight molded rubber casting.

the JAMBOX runs of a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which is capable of 10-hours of continuous play (subjects to volume level and audio content) which recharges via the micro-USB port. the JAMBOX measures 151 x 57 x 40, weighs 327 grams and comes in four designs for your choosing, namely, black diamond, blue wave, grey hex and red dot. if paired with an iPhone, the battery life of the JAMBOX will be displayed on the iPhone. JAMBOX employs Bluetooth 2.1 EDR with a range of at least 33 feet (10 meters) and supports both Windows and Mac. with all the specs (though not specifically detailed), it certainly sounds promising but we just have to wait to audition it before we can really believe what we read. retailing at $199.99, it looks like big sound doesn’t come cheap.

Jawbone JAMBOX Bluetooth Speaker - designs 544px