thanks to LEGO whiz like Orion Pax aka Alex Jones, we are beginning to shy away from official LEGO movie franchise products. if you haven’t strayed like us, then you must not have seen the LEGO Ghostbusters Headquarters or this LEGO DeLorean Time Machine. by the look of the images, we hardly need to explain why Alex’s rendition of Doc Brown’s 88 miles an hour DeLorean is absolutely cool and this LEGO enthusiast’s version will definitely put LEGO’s own official sets to shame. some of the features include a metallic spray painted “chassis”, working gull wing doors, working fold-up wheels, and of course, a display stand to proudly display Orion Pax’s work of art, complete with a vehicle information board – just like what you would find in the beloved LEGO UCS items.

i was wondering, is there any chance the “blueprint” of this particular work by Orion Pax are circulating around the Net? since this creation is already a year plus old? if anyone has wind about it, i would love to hear you out. i really want to build one for the office (actually, i lied. i want to build it for myself, for my home). in the mean time, take a few good look in the gallery below, and when you are done, you might want to check out Orion Pax’s photo stream over at Flickr.

Flickr via Jalopnik

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