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despite its name, Unit Portables are bags and not some gadget. however, they are not your average run-of-the-mill bags. at a glance, the Unit 01 appears to be just another messenger or sling bag, well, actually it is just another bag but with an added potential for expansion. the standard Unit 01 fits a 13-15″ laptop with just enough extra space for some books or documents. if more storages are required, smaller ‘units’ can be purchased and attached to the main unit via hook-on system. lets just say that the Unit Portables are customizable to your need without the hassle of made to order and on top of that, you can add and remove the extra units as and when needed.
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a clever idea that should appeal to user with ever changing needs. no word on it’s pricing at this point and as for its availability, it looks like they are available in one single store located in Stockholm. seriously, good stuff should really be available online too, especially at this age of Internet shopping. if you don’t have an eye for black, Unit Portables are also offered in four other hues for your choosing – all of which are looking pretty sweet.

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