completed in year 1973, the Sydney Opera House located in Sydney Harbor, New South Wales, is perhaps the most recognizable landmark in Australia. regardless whether you are an architecture aficionado, a performing artist, or just an avid traveler, you will come to appreciate the grandeur this monumental building has to offer. come this September, LEGO fans will have even more to rejoice to when 10234 LEGO Creator Expert Sydney Opera House hit the shelves. make no mistake about this awesome kit – this ain’t your puny LEGO Architecture items – it is a highly detailed, 2,989-brick set that measures a pretty massive 11″ tall, 25″ wide and 15″ deep (27.9 x 63.5 x 38.1 cm) when completed.

the set features modular construction methodology which should help alleviate the pain of building it whole (remembering, it’s nearly 3,000 pieces) – meaning, the model is built in sections and eventually comes together as one piece. along with the incredible LEGO-detail comes the rare dark tan bricks – the most comprehensive assortment ever put together – and a huge 48 x 48 blue stud baseplate, the largest ever offered to date. the 10234 LEGO Creator Expert Sydney Opera House will be available this September from LEGO Shop and other LEGO stores worldwide for $319.99. have a look at the completed model in the gallery below.

Source: LEGO

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