it used to be (or still are?) stitches are one of the defining aspect of any leather products, however if your idea of beauty is to take minimalism to the extreme, then we would think the Stitch-less Leather Bags and Wallets by Clean Everything would be right up your alley. as you can tell from the product name, these products are totally free of stitches and each product is made from one-piece of premium vegetable-tanned leather with just a couple of silver/golden stud for closure, or to hold them together, thus giving them a unique minimalist appeal. crafted in Romania, the current collection includes two wallet models – a Billfold Wallet and a Stitch-less Wallet – and a Stitch-less Bag designed to hold your iPad or any tablet. all three models are available in two attractive colorways: red (looks like fresh red) and green (and this one looks like Royal green to us).

prior to Clean Everything, we have never imagined leather bags and wallets without stitches would look so irresistibly clean and minimal, which makes them so sophisticate and yet simple at the same time. prices for the Stitch-less Leather Bags and Wallets start at €65 (about US$87) and they are available from Clean Everything online store. click through for a few more look.

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