new BookArc for MacBook Air from Twelve South

Twelve South BookArc for Air main 544x428px
(image credit: Twelve South) Twelve South BookArc for Air | US$39.99 |

if you’re using your MacBook Air with an external display like the Apple Cinema Display, then the new BookArc for MacBook Air from Twelve South is the perfect companion accessory. the BookArch for Air functions and look much like the original BookArc for MacBook but is designed exclusively for the new MacBook Air (late 2010). the BookArch holds up your MacBook horizontally upright while your MBA is connected to the external display, giving you a neat and clutter-free workspace. Continue reading “new BookArc for MacBook Air from Twelve South”

could the Boogie Board be the paper of the future?

Boogie Board main 544px
(image credit: iMPROV Electronics) Boogie Board Paperless LCD Writing Tablet | from US$39.95 |

looks like the trees can breathe a sigh of relieve cos’ going paperless could very be a reality very soon. the Boogie Board Paperless LCD Writing Tablet is the emerging alternative to the traditional pen and paper writing combo. however, do not mistaken it as an e-ink or even a mobile computing tablet, it is in fact, an e-paper using plastic Reflex LCD for its writing surface which you can write and draw just like you would with the traditional pen and paper, and it erases at a touch of the button, thus it is goodbye to eraser and liquid paper. Continue reading “could the Boogie Board be the paper of the future?”

power up your taste bud with heavy duty salt+pepper set

Fred & Friends Salt & Power thumb 544px
(image credit: Fred & Friends) Fred & Friends Salt+Power Shakers | US$11.99 |

we all love a good salt and pepper shaker, even though we don’t use it at all. we figured, a good pair will spruce up the otherwise monotonous dinning table. well, here’s a pair from Fred & Friends Spring 2011 catalog that takes on the form of D-cell batteries, which will juice up your food with salt and pepper instead of electric power. it even has a transparent slit at its side to keep your juice, i mean the salt or pepper, in check. sweet. just don’t get mix up with your real alkaline batteries. the Fred & Friends Salt+Power Salt & Pepper Shakers cost $11.99 a pop and is available at

the Nest is for your iPad and other life’s tiny essentials

Bluelounge Nest main 544x311px
(image credit: Bluelounge) Bluelounge Nest iPad Stand | US$14.95 |

new from Bluelounge is this minimalist iPad stand which does more than just an iPad stand. dubbed the Nest, this slanted tray-like stand lets your iPad lie horizontally on its rubber lining cushions, letting you use your iPad on its back at an angle without wobbling or simply slides out the hidden cradle to hold the iPad vertically. in fact, holding an iPad is one of its many applications, limited only by your creativity – use it as an iPhone holder, a business card holder or whatever, it is up to you to discover. the recess of the Nest also doubles as cradle for your life tiny bits of essential item such as your keys, USB key, among other things. the Nest comes in six colors to choose from. the Nest by Bluelounge retails at $14.95 and its available via Bluelounge web store.

images horizontal 544x38px 
Bluelounge Nest - holds iPad in both horizontally and vertically 800x532px Bluelounge Nest - holds iPad in both horizontally and vertically 800x532px Bluelounge Nest - holds anything you want 800x532px Bluelounge Nest 800x532px Bluelounge Nest - the colors 800x532px

the world’s biggest earphones is 500x its original size

Fred & Friends 500XL main 544x544px
(image credit: Fred & Friends) Fred & Friends 500XL earbuds speakers | US$64.00 |

this earbuds must have been zapped by the fantastic blow-me-up ray gun and became 500 times bigger than its original size. luckily, the 3.5-mm jack escapes the wrath of the ray gun and remains as, well, 3.5-mm jacket so we could use the oversize earbuds as a desktop speakers instead. nah, we are just making it up.

this isn’t really a pair of earbuds but a pair of computer speakers shaped like the earbuds. we all know that nobody on earth have such an enormous ears, however deploy this as your desktop speakers and it could be an excellent conversational piece. the 500XL features a built-in amp and three-way power: it runs on batteries, USB power with the supplied cable or plug to the wall power socket (power cable not included). no tech specs were given cos’ the novelty-factor just overran it.

the 500XL ‘really BIG sound’ speakers cost just $64 a pop and is available over and other major online retail stores.

sleek Madison puts multimedia right before your eyes

Novero MADISON Video Eyewear main 544x311px
(image credit: Novero) Novero MADISON Video Eyewear | €249.00 |

this sleek, curvy form eyewear looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. dubbed the MADISON Video Eyewear, this pair of video eyewear lets user immersed in a full-viewing experience akin to watching from a 30-inch TV at a 2-meter distant. the video eyewear comprises of two part, a portable media player which is connected via a cable to the video eyewear.

the portable media player has D-pad-like control for menu navigations which is projected on the onscreen display. the player has a standard 2 GB internal storage, which is expandable up to 32 GB via the SD card slot. the Novero Madison Video Eyewear features two OLED displays with 320 x 240 pixels resolution and weights 63 grams without the player and cable. it comes packaged with a frame for corrective lenses and composite video cable for input from external players such as your Blu-ray player.

the accompanying software (for both PC & Mac) which employs simple drag and drop method, let users manage their videos. the software also automatically convert your videos, optimized for the video eyewear thus eliminating the hassle of converting videos manually. with the purchase of the optional adapter, the eyewear can also accept other portable media player such as the iPod, iPhone and other mobile phones.

the idea is, we spent too much time waiting and doing nothing while we are waiting for our train or commuting around, thus this video eyewear could provides us with some much needed entertainment if your local train station busker isn’t there to entertain you. the best part is, we can do it without those nosy people peeking on what you are watching. just remember to remove it when its time for you to walk, else you might just ended up in a pillar.

the Novero MADISON Video Eyewear is set to retail around €249 (about US$339) and will be available sometime in the second quarter of 2011.

images horizontal 544x38px 
Novero MADISON Video Eyewear img1 600x350px Novero MADISON Video Eyewear img2 600x350px Novero MADISON Video Eyewear img3 600x350px Novero MADISON Video Eyewear img4 600x350px Novero MADISON Video Eyewear img5 600x350px

Garbstore x Casio G-SHOCK wristwatch goes on sale

G-SHOCK Garbstore GA100 Watch main 544px
(image credit: Couverture & The Garbstore) G-SHOCK Garbstore GA100 Watch | £185.00 |

the G-SHOCK Garbstore GA100 Watch was first showcased last year and it is now officially available at Couverture & The Garbstore web store. the watch is born out of the collaboration between fashion label The Garbstore and long-time shock-resistance watch maker, Casio. to be available in limited quantities (though, no mention of how limited), this £185 (about US$298) rugged time piece will comes packaged with a premium leather zip case from The Heritage Belt Company of England. Continue reading “Garbstore x Casio G-SHOCK wristwatch goes on sale”

military-grade case takes the beating for your iPhone

Jon Eicher Ruggedized Case main 544x311px
(image credit: Jon Eicher) Ruggedized Case for iPhone 4 | US$99.97 |

probably the worst thing that can happen to the glass-clad iPhone 4 is dropping it. this particular case from Jon Eicher is designed specifically to ease your fear of dropping your iPhone 4. constructed out of military-grade, patented shock and vibration absorbing materials, the case is said to built to Military Standard 810-G which is capable of taking almost any beatings on behalf of you phone. civilian folks won’t be able to get a Lockheed Martin MONAX case, so this is the closest you can get to Military-grade case for iPhone 4.

currently, Eicher has a second piece up for sale over at Etsy (the first one was sold out) and it is going for a cool price of $99.97 a piece. very cool but the price is a little prohibitive for me.

via Geeky Gadgets

TommyKaira ZZ reincarnates as an EV sports car

TommyKaira-GLM ZZ-EV main 544x468px
(image credit: Akihabara News) GLM TommyKaira ZZ-EV | ¥tbc |

when it comes to car tuning, TommyKaira is practically a legend in Japan. everyone who’s into Japanese Domestic Market cars or played the popular Gran Turismo game on PS3 would have know TommyKaira. partnering with Green Lord Motors, TommyKaira introduced their first ever EV prototype, the ZZ-EV Sport car. power for the ZZ-EV comes from a DC150V electric motor coupled with lithium-polymer batteries, giving it a 100-km range and a top speed of 150 km/h. Continue reading “TommyKaira ZZ reincarnates as an EV sports car”

missing the 80s? get this retro-licious iPhone case

thumbsUp 80s Retro iPhone Case 544x544px
(image credit: ThumbsUp!) 80s Retro iPhone Case | £PoA |

get a feel of a blast from the past while still retaining the wholesome goodness of the 21st century technology with this 80s Retro iPhone Case from ThumbsUp. the 80s mobile phone was affectionally known as the brick phone because its sheer size was comparable to a brick, so to speak. ever since, mobile phones have scaled down drastically but you can get those bricky days back with this cheeky iPhone case which is sure to turn heads. this is as close as you can get to a brick phone other the ARKHippo I case. Continue reading “missing the 80s? get this retro-licious iPhone case”

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