what you see here is not a Roomba-like vacuum cleaner. it is Panasonic stake on the portable Bluetooth speaker market and while the design is nothing to shout about, it does have something today’s active lifestyle demands: Quad Proof Tough. so what the heck is a Quad Proof Tough? for starter, the SC-NT10 is splash proof to IPX4 rating and it also dust proof, shock proof (capable of withstanding up to 30 inches drop), and finally, it is freeze/heat proof so that you can used it in the deepest heat of the sahara desert or the coldest mountains of the Swiss alps. under its small but protective haven, are a pair of 1-3/8 inches full range drivers and a 2-inch passive radiator – bolstered by Panasonic’s XBS Master that offers low-frequency amplification, multi band gain control for eliminating unnatural sounds “generated in the process of automatically controlling distortion” and H.Bass, which gives the added harmonics for reproduction of bass sounds at low frequencies. there’s also a Boost Mode that is said to give the midrange a boost.

additionally, NFC is built into it for easy pairing with your NFC-capable Bluetooth media devices and there’s a Bluetooth Re-master function which sees to the consistency of sound quality. a built-in microphone allows for handsfree speakerphone operation if the connected device happens to be your smartphone. a couple of other features include an onboard rechargeable battery good for up to eight hours of playback per charge and a USB power for charging up your smartphone or tablet. the Panasonic SC-NT10 Bluetooth Speaker will hit the stores this Fall with an SRP of $99.99. it may sound like nothing much, but to us, we see Panasonic has put quite an effort in conjuring up with this device and so, if you rather put your money on big names (as oppose to smaller names or start ups) for a portable speaker, the Panasonic SC-NT10 Bluetooth Speaker might just be it. hit the jump for a few more rendered look of this cute little, tough guy.

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