Paper Chandelier XL

Paper Chandelier XL
Paper Chandelier XL | US$tba |

paper. in this age of digital advancement, we hardly need them. so why not use them for something else? like a chandelier? yup. you heard that right. what we see here is a chandelier made out of paper, aptly dubbed as the Paper Chandelier XL. exist as part of the Moooi Lighting Collection and a mid-size addition to the original Paper Chandelier, the Paper Chandelier XL is designed by Studio Job (the same folks who dished out a range of paper-based furniture). the light is crafted with a wooden base and cardboard, finished with paper with polyurethane (PU) lacquer, so there is little to worry about putting paper right in the path of a heat source. so if you are looking for the one-of-the-kind look, the Paper Chandelier should fit the bill perfectly and it has a never out-of-date color: white, which gives your home decor a clean, sleek look. the Paper Chandelier XL is a coming soon product to which we are not aware of its availability as yet. the same goes for its pricing. larger views, including the L and XXL models (no, you can’t really tell the difference but still…), follows after the break.

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