curious about what’s your pet is doing the whole time while you are away? well, the solution seems simple enough; such as setting up a webcam or even using a market-proven baby monitor, but a monitor doesn’t do much other than to let you keep an eye on your pet, unless you are talking about the Petcube Pet Monitor. it is more than just a beautiful cube that your pet cat (or dog) might take fancy to; packed inside the 4″ aluminum cube is a wide-angle camera that allows you see what your pet is up to in HD, a microphone to pick any sound made by your furry pal, a set of speaker for communicating with it in realtime (like “stop scratching the couch, fluffy!”) and a low-intensity laser affixed on a movable platform lets you play with your pet when (1) you are totally bored at work; or (2) your cat or dog gets a little bit restless and threatens the wellbeing of your furniture.

the device connects wirelessly to your home WiFi and through a mobile app, it allows you see, hear and play with your beloved feline or canine friend virtually anywhere in the world. the app also lets you capture stills and HD videos, and share them on your favorite social network sites. on top of that, you can even share access to the Petcube Pet Monitor with your family and friends so that they too, can play with your pet (or put to it crudely, help you to take care of your pet). the Petcube Pet Monitor is picking up quite a pace in its Kickstarter campaign and you can show your support by making a pledge of $149 or more, which will secure yourself one unit if the project meets its minimum funding goal of $100k. take a few more look in the gallery below and also do check out a fun pitch video after the break to learn more.

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