If you have played VR games before, you will find that you are actually quite ‘helpless’ in the sense that you are not in control with your hands. While it seems that’s how it is for now, a Philippine-based mobile apps and games developer, KLab Cyscorpions, beg to differ. The outfit has launched three VR mobile games that will allow your hands to take part in the game, but there’s a catch here: you will need more than one smartphone to enjoy this industry’s first. The three games are Road KillZ, a drive-the-car-to-kill-zombies driving game, RoarZ VR, a first-person-shooter game with the goal of, you guessed it, eliminating zombies, and finally, there’s the sports simulation game called Headshot VR where head butting incoming soccer ball is what you need to do.

In addition to the usual smartphone that goes into the VR headset as the viewer, you will, depending on the game played, require additional one or more smartphones to serve as the gamepad(s). It is an innovative approach in an attempt to up the immersive level, but not necessary a practical one cos’ obviously, not everyone owns more than one smartphone, much less four, which the Road KillZ can support. As a consolation, KLab Cyscorpions has worked to allow the two major platforms, namely iOS and Android OS, to work together. This means, for example, in a game of RoarZ VR, you will be able to use your Android phone as the viewer while an iPhone as the controller.

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All three games are available as free-to-download on both Apple AppStore and Google Play as we speak. Scroll down to catch hilarious videos of the three games in action.

Image courtesy of KLab Cyscorpions.

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