Pioneer has finally join the true wireless headphones bandwagon with this pair of in-ear wireless headphone called C8. The Pioneer SE-C8TW-B In-Ear Truly Wireless Headphone is what you expect from such a product: a true, cable-free design, Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, app-enabled (for Android at the moment), and built-in batteries good for 3 hours of continuous playback, plus an charging case that offers 2x charges before needing to recharge again.

Pioneer C8 In-ear Wireless Headphon

Other notable features include built-in controls for music control and taking calls, built-in mic, voice assistant support (Siri and Google Assistant), low-loss AAC codec, multi sizes of earphone tips, and non side bias earphone design. Sadly, Pioneer seems to be joining the disturbing trend of not disclosing the drivers’ specification and hence, we are not able to advice you on what’s lurking inside its textured earbuds.

Pioneer C8 In-ear Wireless Headphon

It is worthy to note that Pioneer’s example battery is not the best in the market, but given the asking price of $119.99, it may be a worthwhile trade off. Moreover, you will always have the charging case to fall back to, though you will have to prepare for an hour break before the pair is fully topped. If you are keen, you can find the Pioneer C8 In-ear Wireless Headphone on Amazon for the aforementioned sticker of $119.99.

Pioneer C8 In-ear Wireless Headphon

Images: Pioneer.

Source: Digital Trends.

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