Want to stop your kids from playing with your precious matching scale model of your Ferrari SF90 Stradale hypercar? Well, here’s a solution: Playmobil Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Ferrari’s series-production plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is now in Playmobil scale, complete with lighting effects, and supplied with a golfing couple and accessories.

Playmobil Ferrari SF90 Stradale Toy Car

The Playmobil Ferrari SF90 Stradale perfectly recreated the prancing horse marque’s hypercar, down to the aerodynamic lines to the Ferrari red paint job to the wheels each with the Ferrari logo. If the product images are to believe, then Playmobil has done a great job because this thing looks more like a collector’s scale model than a kid’s toy.

The toy car features a roof that can be removed to reveal a detailed interior with an illuminated dashboard, steering wheel with the Ferrari logo, and seats for two Playmobil figures. The trunk can be opened too to reveal the V8 engine.

Playmobil Ferrari SF90 Stradale Toy Car

A button under the vehicle will light up the headlights, taillights, as well as dashboard. It has an auto power-off function that will turn off the lights after 2 minutes.

The Playmobil Ferrari SF90 Stradale measures 10.6 inches long, 5.3 inches wide, and 2.8 inches tall (26.9 x 13.5 x 7.1 cm), and it comes with two figures, golf bags with clubs, a suitcase, and other accessories like headgear, wristwatch. Now, I am pretty sure the golf bags can’t fit in the car, or can they?

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The Playmobil Ferrari SF90 Stradale can be had for US$79.99 when it becomes available this month (April). Recommended for ages 5 to 99. So, if you are a hundred, congratulations on being a century old but no, this is not for you. Just kidding.

Playmobil Ferrari SF90 Stradale Toy Car
Playmobil Ferrari SF90 Stradale Toy Car

Images: Playmobil [US].

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