Have you ever wonder how hard was it to break out of the infamous rocky island prison, Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, on Alcatraz Island? How about you stop wondering and have a go itself? Like, (almost) literally, with PlayMonster’s board game/puzzle game Break In.

PlayMonster Break In Alcatraz Board Game

Described as “like a movie in a box and you are part of the story,” Break In is based on the real-life 13th breakout, which was thought to be the only successful escape attempt in Alcatraz’s history.

But there’s a twist. As hinted by the game’s name, you have break into Alcatraz in first to help incarcerated friends escape the rocky hellhole. Along the way, you and your team have to solve challenges and puzzles before moving on the the next floor, or layer in this instance.

PlayMonster Break In Alcatraz Board Game

What makes this board game/puzzle game unique is, it features a 3D game board with layers which you and your team will peel away to reveal new challenges and puzzles.

It is like going through the different level in a video game and also, through the different levels in the Alcatraz.

PlayMonster Break In Alcatraz Board Game

The game also claims to offer physical representation of breaking in experience. In short, PlayMonster Break In Alcatraz Board Game is like an escape room played out on a table top. Though unlike escape room, it is not timed.

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PlayMonster Break In Alcatraz Board Game is recommended for ages 10 and above, and sells for US$14.99 on Amazon.com.

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