Porsche Design P’3115 LaserFlex Pen

Porsche Design P'3115 LaserFlex Pen
Porsche Design P’3115 LaserFlex Pen | US$634.00 | www.porsche-design.com

so, you have a car that turns head, and perhaps you have plenty other stuff that does the same but can you say for sure that your humble writing instrument is doing the same? no? good, here’s one that should fill that lone, irritable void you have: the Porsche Design P’3115 LaserFlex Pen. and this pen isn’t just any other ordinary writing instrument (ok, fine, it is a ballpoint. so let’s just move on) not because it has Porsche Design’s mark over it but interestingly, it features an intricate laser-cut interlocking stainless body that does more than just for show: it expands and contracts every time the ballpoint is deployed. magic? no. it is just damn cool. now, if only your clients and your business associates would start noticing this awesome writing tool that would make its $634 price tag worth it. yes. it is that pricey but are you surprised? our guess? perhaps not.

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