you know what a couch offers you? a place where you can just throw yourself on after a long day at work and hit the remote, but that’s not going to happen with the Peugeot ONXY Sofa – less you fancy some serious sore backbones. so yes. this is a sofa (though we are more incline to call it a bench, sorry that’s just us) and the materials that were used to craft it may leave you in awe, as do the price tag, but we come to that later. this three-meter long seat is handcrafted from high-tech carbon fiber that is meticulously fused with a portion of hand-carved Volvic volcanic lava rock – both materials which are anything but soft like a sofa should.

Peugeot ONXY Sofa

anyhow, you can imagine the work gone into turning out this exquisite piece of furniture and in fact, according to the French company, it took a grand 70 days to realize this product. the Volvic volcanic lava rock has spent thousands of years filtering the water for its aquifer prior to changing its career to serve as a placeholder for your butt and if that sounds like the thing for you, then you’d be really to shell a cool €135,000 for one, or about 186,000 in American dollars, based on the current going rate. no word if it is immediately available, but for now, you can catch this awe-inspiring piece, plus seven other sculptures including lamps, shelves, armchairs and tables – all based on the same theme of union between high-tech materials and raw, natural materials – at the Milan Design Week that runs from April 8 to 13.

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Peugeot ONXY Sofa

Peugeot ONXY Sofa

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