ThermaCELL Rechargeable Heated Insole

ThermaCELL Rechargeable Heated Insole
ThermaCELL Rechargeable Heated Insole | from US$129.99 |

having cold feet? and we mean literally. then you will need this pair of handy Rechargeable Heated Insole from ThermaCELL. this pair of feet saver for the cold uses high tech wireless thermal technology with no wires, extension cords, or whatever that would bog you down in your daily outdoor activities. the Heated Insole offers three temperature settings to warm your feet: no heat, medium (100 degrees or 38 celsius) and high (111 degrees or 44 celsius), adjustable via the included remote while rechargeable lithium-ion polymer batteries embedded in the insole powers the system but just a word of advice: don’t put those already worn insoles on your desk when you recharge them. you should know why, don’t you? the batteries is good for up to 5 hours of continuous usage per charge and can last up to 500 charging cycles, so you don’t need worry about replacing them for years to come. other features include a durable soft cushion design, water resistance, and can be trim to custom fit your shoes size. perfect for those who are going to brave the cold winter soon but we can say for say for those who are not literally having cold feet. the ThermaCELL Rechargeable Heated Insole can be yours for $129.99 a pair. available for both men and the fairer sex. a product video available after the break.

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